2021 Best Swimming Pool – Intex and Bestway

2021 Best Swimming Pool. These are the two most popular swimming pool brands out there!

If you’re looking to cool down in the summer, nothing beats a plunge into a cool swimming pool! There are quite a number of options available, but there were two that stood out while we were shopping around for one. 2021 Best Swimming Pool includes Intex and Bestway brands.  They are some of the best above ground pool in the market.

Intex and Bestway seemed to lead the pack when comes to above ground swimming pools used at home. Which is why we’re listing the most popular ones. 

To save you the hassle and time, we’ve listed the most popular ones in each of the product line from Intex and Bestway.

Hopefully this will help you decide which one is best for your needs.

In this article, the criteria are mainly focused on: 

Finding the best above ground pool

There are many things to consider when it comes to picking an above ground swimming pool.

First, you need to make sure the ground where you are placing the pool is flat and leveled.

Second, you have to take the size and shape into consideration. You want to ensure the pool you’re buy will fit. Just keep in mind, round pools are measured as a diameter. So if it’s marked as 12 foot, you would basically draw a circle to figure how large the pool is. 

Third, would be price. How much are you willing to spend. There are pools of the same size, but may be constructed differently which adds to the cost. For example, there may be framing that provides additional stability, but you can get away with the one without it for a few dollars cheaper. 

Then you have the materials that make up the pool. You want to make sure the swimming pool is made with durable material to last the beating from play, the heat and many months of storage. You wouldn’t want to plunge $50 for a pool that would break during normal usage. Or the steel framing structure starts to rust.

Lastly, the filter is another story, some pools may not come with the best filter and sometimes best to purchase them separately. 

Intext vs Bestway - The Comparison

2020 Best Swimming Pool

Kids - Above Ground Pool

Bestway does not have a product line that are made for very young children. However, Intex does and offers many different size and style swimming pools for young children. They have price ranging anywhere from $9 to $100. These are perfect for your kids first swimming pool.

There are plenty to choose from, and we’ve selected the 4 top kids pool from Intex.


Intex EASY SET is the equivalent to Bestway’s FAST SET swimming pool.  This is a popular pool style since it’s very easy to setup, with very minimal effort. All pools in this group has a top ring fill. Standard sizes can range anywhere from 6 foot to 18 foot diameter, and 30 to 48 inches deep. They all come equipped with a filter system.



Intex METAL FRAME is the next series comparable to Bestway’s STEEL PRO swimming pool. With Bestway STEEL has also PRO and POWER, which are improvements from the STEEL product. 

This is another popular pool style since it’s very easy to setup, with very minimal effort. The pools have steel framing support structure to keep the water in-place and offers both rectangle and oval/round shapes.

Note: Intex Prism Frame Pools are a notch better than both Intex Metal Frame, Pro and Power swimming pool. It has the same concept with better quality steel framing for its larger water capacity. Bestway’s Power Steel would be its equivalent.

Standard sizes can range anywhere from 10 foot to 18 foot diameter, and 30 to 48 inches deep. They all come equipped with a filter system.




ULTRA and ULTRA XTR is Intex’s top product in the above ground swimming pool product line. 

It has superior liner, that is 50% stronger than other Intex swimming pools. The material is made of Polyester mesh and extra thick PVC layers. Even the frame design is better with galvanized steel that is rust resistant. 

The Intex Ultra (XTR) come in round/oval and rectangle shapes. 

Standard sizes can range anywhere from 16 feet to 18 feet, and 48 to 52 inches deep. They all come equipped with their hydro aeration technology filter system. 



HYDRIUM is Bestway’s top product in the above ground swimming pool product line. 

Bestway’s Hydrium has reinforced steel walls, with surrounding pool top reinforcement. 

There’s also an integrated surface skimmer to keep the water clean. and premium PVC pool liner. 

2021 Best Swimming Pool Final Thoughts

Both Intex and Bestway make quality above ground swimming pools and can be in the running for best above ground pool. Depending on the product line you choose, they both offer many which some may meet your needs. Obviously, the more you spend, the better quality the pool is. 

Overall, I would not hesitate to recommend either either pool brands. You just have to figure out which one will fit your requirement.  As far as 2021 Best Swimming Pool, they both are great above ground swimming pools for homes.

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  1. Pearl

    We personally think the Intex Ultra XTR is the best above ground pool today. My husband and I and our two kids have been using it almost everyday since we bought it.

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