Alternative to Apple Airpod! Utaxo Review

If you’re looking for a wireless earbud, then take a look at the UTAXO Wireless Earbud. It’s a great alternative to Apple’s Airpod earphones. These earbuds may just be the best wireless earbuds in its respective price range!

A few months back, I was shopping around for an wireless earbud so I can workout with, but didn’t want to spend a lot of money for an Apple Airpod.

My budget was between $30 to $50 USD, so I did try a couple from Amazon in that price range and found one that I really liked. The UTAXO Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earbuds were about $30-ish USD.

My review is based on owning the Utaxo Wireless earbuds for 8 months, and having use them practically everyday at the gym and watching videos on my phone.


Utaxo offers a wide selection of gadgets and accessories. Utaxo is known for their headphones and wireless earbuds. They seem to be a very solid company that offers quality products based on customer reviews online.

My Review


The wireless earbuds came in a small white box. It included two wireless earbuds, an aluminum alloy charging case, carrying pouch and an instruction manual. There are also four different ear tip sizes included.


The Utaxo Wireless Earbuds are bluetooth enabled. You would pair any other bluetooth device. The instruction manual is in 6 different languages (English, Deutch, French, Spanish, Italian and Chinese). 

alternative to apple airpods

How To Use

The aluminum allow charging case has a sleek design. You can slide the top lide to access the earbuds.

The Utaxo Wireless earbuds will power on automatically when removed from the charging case, and will power off automatically after 10 minutes of being disconnected or inactivity. 

You will find a lists of controls in the manual, but it’s all very easy to follow.

For example, to increase the volume, tap the right earbud once. To lower the volume, tap the left earbud.

To move to the next track, tap your right earbud three times, and last track, tape your left earbud three times. 

alternative to apple airpods
best wireless airbuds


The Utaxo Wireless Earbuds  provides a snug fit, and does an excellent job cancelling out noise. I have used these earbuds at the gym and outside jogging.

It has Hi-Fi Stereo sound, with clarity and provides exceptional experience. I have never had any discruption or latency issues with these wireless earbuds.

Design & Fit

As mentioned earlier, I had tried a few wireless earbuds, and they did not fit well into my ear. The Utaxo Wireless Earbuds offers an Ergonomic design allowing for a snug fit. There’s gel-flexible silicone cups to ensure comfortable fit. It comes with four ear tips to choose from. The best part is when going for long runs, the earbuds remain in place.

best wireless airbuds
alternative to apple airpods

Tech Specs

The aluminum alloy charging case is the central repository for these earbuds. It has 2200 mAH capacity, and can allow a fully charge earbud to play 5 hours of non-stop music. 

The Utaxo earbuds are also designed with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology. In addition, there’s a special feature where the earbuds can act as a single or twin mode. The single mode would support those who may want only one earbud working for driving safety or by preference.  This would allow for reserving power for the non-working earbud for later use.

Final Thoughts

The Utaxo Wireless earbuds has provided wonderful sound experience and I have no major complaints. It has been durable, and very affordable. I think it’s a great alternative to the Apple Airpods that run well over $100. So if you’re looking for a great wireless earbud, the Utaxo Wireless earbuds are a great choice to consider.

What I like

What I don’t like

  • It seems like everything power related is driven by the aluminum alloy charging case. If I had to power on or off, I would have to disconnect the bluetooth and after 10 minutes it’ll power off. This can be a problem if I’m not carrying the case around and if I had to power it back up after 10 minutes, I can only do that if I put it back in the case.

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