Aquarium Maintenance

Remember, it’s a combination of these tactics which allows for a clean aquarium. Never substitute one method for keeping your tank clean.

Regular maintenance is always recommended. Here are a few tips to keeping your aquarium sparkling clean:

  • Make sure you perform your regular water changes
    • Depending on the size of your tank, I would suggest 10-15% water change weekly. Make sure you tap the water off with water conditioner to remove any elements that may harm your fish.
  • Clean the glass (inside and out) of algae and debris (daily or as needed)
  • Remove any dead inhabitants and uneaten food
  • Replace filter cartridges (once a month)
    • I would advise replacing just partial filter change each time to maintain enough “good bacteria”. You want to prevent a re-cycle from occurring.
  • Clean the substrate bedding in your aquarium where most excess wastes are trapped
  • And avoid overfeeding your fishes!

Substrate cleaners: Siphons and gravel vacuums helps with removal of detritus and excess waste from your substrate.  

Algae scraper/magnetic cleaner helps remove any algae that are stuck on the front of your aquarium. With excess algae, it may reduce the attractiveness of your aquarium. Algae cleaners usually come in two forms which is a algae scraper or magnetic cleaner.


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