Best season for Freshwater Bass Fishing

Bass fishing is an art in itself. There are different factors and techniques to fishing and it will vary from the type of fish you’re going after and even the type of waters you’re fishing in. In this article, we’ll cover one of the factors to consider when fishing.

Worse Time for Bass Fishing

The worse time for bass fishing is during extreme heat and cold and when times the water temperature drops rapidly. I have found more success when the temperatures are mild, which is between 70 and 85 and when the weather is stable.

Winter and Early Spring are the toughest time to fish for bass, at least in the Northeastern parts of the US.  This is normally when the water temperature stays below 45 degrees.

At cold temperatures, bass tends to stay in deeper parts of the water to wait for better conditions. If you do fish, the type of bait that I’ve been successful using include the following:

The color plays a huge factor based on the clearness of the water. For example, darker blue and black spinner baits would work well in muddier water and gray/silver for a bit more clearer.

My advice is to target deep areas, and use smaller baits with a bit of patience and luck.

Summer would be a runner up for tough times to fish for bass. This is when water temperature beyond the 80s and I’m sure many of us have faced this situation before where you think it’s the best time since its nice out. Many beginners will lose confidence thinking that they cannot catch any fish or there is none. The truth is that fish would often venture into deeper parts of the water where it’s cooler and this also means fish would be spread out making it more difficult to locate them.  There are a few tips that can still make your fishing trip successful.

  • Early Morning – You can find success with topwater lures where there is shade and near the outside edge of vegetated parts of the water. Also, look for less moving water which is adjacent to fast flowing current. You can work your bait where there is a bit more calmer and clearer water.
  • Mid-Day (sun is up high) – A plastic worm or real worms are always a good choice, but focus on where there is grass and deep waters. Try a heavier weight, a 1 to 2 oz weight on the fish line with a jig or creature bait. The extra weight will allow the bait to break through the weeded areas and get to the bottom easier.

I have looked for areas of the water where there’s vegetation, rock structures and down trees that face towards deeper water. Bass are likely to be sitting around those areas. Interesting enough, when the water and wind is calm, those are proven to be tougher conditions to fish. Fish can see you and are less aggressive.

Best Time for Bass Fishing

bass fish

Spring is the best time to fish, and when water temperature rises above 50 degrees. Depending on where you live, these will also play a factor. The information is reflected for those who live the Northeast (Boston, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, Jersey area etc) region. Check with your local fishing and boating commission for information related to your region.

  • Smallmouth bass will spawn in May through early June, when temperature hits about 60-70 degrees.
  • Largemouth bass will spawn in Spring and early Summer, when temperature remains in the 60s.

*Fish Spawning – release of eggs

In the Spring, Bass will move into their spawning beds with full or new moon. This would be a good time to catch a big bass since the big females are full of eggs.

However, Post spawning will occur once water reaches 70 to 80 degrees and the bass will move into deeper water, while some may stay in shallower parts to feed. During this time, you’ll get thinner bass due to the completion of spawning.

Fall is the next best time to fish for bass, when water temperatures are back in the 60’s to 70’s. Bass around this time will be feeding to help hold them over for the winter. Bass are likely found in shallow water, and grassy areas if its still green. If the weeds and grass are dying, that means there’s not a lot of oxygen and bass is less active in those areas.

During Fall season, there will be cold rain and colder days. When the rain is colder than the lake waters, this depletes the oxygen and bass are found to be less active. On those specific days, you’ll likely to have more success in the afternoon when the shallow water has been warmed by the sun all day.

In Summary

bass fish

Mid/Late Spring and Fall are generally the best time for Bass fishing, while Summer has opportunities, there are challenges and Early Spring and Winter is the worse time.

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