Best Solar Pool Cover – Sun2Solar Review

A top notch solar pool cover!

If you’re looking for a great solar swimming pool heating cover that will keep the water warm, you should consider the Sun2Solar 1600 series. For a very long time, we have held off from buying one since there was a bit of skepticism and it just seems like a lot of money for something so simple.

Needless to say, we ended up getting one since we were using our swimming pool more this summer. 

We settled with the Sun2Solar brand after a great deal of shopping around. The price was comparable, ratings were pretty much in par with the other ones in the market (if not better) and there were many sizes and options available.

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The Sun2Solar solar pool heating cover arrived in a plastic bag, and included was the solar pool cover and a single sheet instruction.  

Price Checks

Check them out!

Blue Wave Solar Blanket

Robelle Blue Solar Cover Heating Blanket (Blue Diamond)

Sun2Solar Solar Cover Heating Blanket (Clear Round)

Sun2Solar Solar Cover Heating Blanket (Blue Round)


The Sun2Solar Pool Heating cover, specifically the clear 1600 series is made of thick sheets with 16mm air bubbles. The air bubbles are purposely half-inflated, and will expand once exposed to heat. 

I am pleased with the quality of the Sun2Solar swimming pool heating cover.  

Final Thoughts

Since having the solar swimming pool heating cover, it has allowed more swimming pool time. With the solar pool heating cover, we have extended our summer and overall happy with the purchase. 

I would highly recommend considering Solar Pool Heaters to pair with a Solar Pool Heating cover. We have both and have seen water temperatures drop 10 degrees. 

Admittedly, these solar pool heating covers are not cheap. However, it was cost effective long run as it keeps the everyone cool in the summer time.

The Sun2Solar Pool Heating Covers – 1600 series receives a TGR score of 5 out of 5!

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