Best way to reheat pizza at home!

Find the best way to reheat pizza at home!

Many of us have faced the challenge of trying to preserve left over pizza for a later date. What beats cold pizza? Of course, Fresh pizza coming out the oven the very first time. We’ll review what the best way to reheat pizza at home in this article!

Undeniably so, many of us cannot bear the guilt of throwing away left over pizza so it becomes left over.

Pizza in the oven is one way to reheat pizza.

Preferably reheating pizza with the oven is the best choice. You can either choose to broil or bake your pizza in the oven. Furthermore, here are the best way to reheat pizza at home!

Bake Method

Baking ensures the bottom of the pizza won’t be soggy and will dry the dough much faster since the heat is coming from the bottom of the oven. I made the mistake once where I just broiled the pizza and the top was crispy but under the cheese was soggy.

  1. Setting the temperature to 350 degrees
  2. Place the pizza on a metal pan or tin foil once it reaches 350 degrees
  3. It varies from the type of pizza you’re baking, but usually would take about 5-10 minutes to finish. I would just monitor it to be safe.

Broil Method

I personally found broiling your pizza is best towards the end when you want that crispy cheese and crust. When broiling, the heat is coming from the top of the oven.

  1. Once you have baked the pizza, you can choose to add 1-3 minutes broiling at 550 degrees


Reheating your pizza in the microwave is the most convenient and easiest method. However, you won’t get the same effect as an oven, you’re pizza is likely to come out very hot and soft.

  1. Place your pizza on a microwavable plate
  2. Set the Microwave to HIGH
  3. In about 3-5 minutes your pizza should be ready!

Practice makes perfect

Once you’ve done this a few times, you’ll figure out the right mix including how your oven or microwave operates. You might even prefer the microwave method over oven. It all comes down to preference!

Feel free to share your thoughts below!

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