Bestway Rectangular Steel Pro Swimming Pool Review

Bestway offers a great swimming pool for the family!

After shopping around, we have settled on the Bestway Steel Pro Rectangular Swimming Pool since we wanted with an elongated shape for swimming. Continue reading more for our Bestway Rectangular Swimming Pool Review!

We have owned this pool for nearly three years now and it’s still in great shape. Kids are still enjoying it as much as they did when we first got it. 

For this review, this for the Bestway Steel Pro Rectangular Pool 56498 Deluxe Splash, 9.8′ x 6.7′ x 26″.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the review below! 

Bestway Rectangular Swimming Pool Review


The Bestway Steel Pro Rectangular Swimming Pool arrived in a single large box. The packaging was nothing out of the norm as you can see in the photos. Everything came with the swimming pool, including instructions, a Bestway Pool filter, the hose and framing. 

Material Quality

The Bestway Steel Pro Swimming Pools are made of tough liner. It was able to withstand abuse from kids rough playing and summer weather storms without a problem. Unless you’re intentionally going to cut the liner, don’t expect it to tear easily.

Since owning the Bestway Steel Pro Swimming Pool for several summers, the only complaint is the steel poles will start to rust. This shouldn’t be a problem that we have to worry about for a swimming pool. The powder coating didn’t seem to help. To be fair, it has not affected the integrity or use of the pool in anyway so far. 

The framing is pretty sturdy considering it’s not that heavy duty. It has held the pool together without a problem.

The Bestway Steel Pro Swimming Pool came with its own Bestway Pool filter, and it did not do a good job circulating the pool. We had replaced it with an Intext Krystal Clear Filter, 1000 gph. That helped dramatically and would highly recommend it.

If taken good care, the Bestway Steel Pro Swimming Pool can last for many years to come.

Manufacturer Short Description

Durable Construction
The corrosion-resistant steel frame is sturdy and durable to offer your family fun all summer long. The Tritech™ liner is made of durable material that is reinforced for strength and puncture-resistance. This pool is very simple to set up and to take down for off-season storage. No tools are required, and a hose connects to the built-in flow control valve to quickly and easily drain away pool water.

Setting up the Bestway Steel Pro Swimming Pool

The Bestway Steel Pro Swimming Pool is easy to setup, and can take up to 20 minutes. Everything was labeled clearly and no additional tools are needed to complete the setup.

Just make sure the bottom liner is smooth before filling it with water.

Click to Download: Bestway Steel Pro Instruction Manual

Additional Tip to Fully enjoy your new swimming pool

  • Make sure you get a chlorine tablet floating device. This will keep the bottom liner blue. As you can see from our photos, the bottom liner suffered from Chlorine sitting in one spot causing bleached spots.
  • Getting a pool cleaning net, one that is for small debris and bugs would help keep the pool clean.
  • Consider buying a solar pool heater and solar pool cover to keep the water warm for more pool play time!
  • Protective flooring, to keep the kids safe from hurting themselves. 
  • Upgrade your pool filter to an Intex Krystal Clear, with the correct gallons per hour output to be able to handle the water capacity. 
Intex Krystal clear filter pump.

Intex Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter Pump for Above Ground Pools, 1000 GPH Pump Flow Rate

BalanceFrom Puzzel Exercise mat.

BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mat, Interlocking Tiles

Solarpro Curve pool heater.

SolarPro Curve Pool Heater

Sun2Solar Cover Heating Blanket.

Sun2Solar Solar Cover Heating Blanket

Bucket Lidz Pool Skimmer.

Bucket Lidz Pool Skimmer - for small debris/bugs

Pool leaf fine mesh net for swimming pools.

Heavy Duty Pool Leaf Rake Fine Mesh Frame Net/Swimming Pool Cleaning Leaf Skim Net

Clorox Pool and Spa XtraBlue Chlorinating tablets.

Clorox Pool & Spa XtraBlue Chlorinating Tablets

Bestway Rectangular Swimming Pool Review Final Thoughts

The Bestway Steel Pro Swimming Pool is a good buy. It has lasted over several summers and still going strong. For a home above ground swimming pool, the competition is fierce between Intex and Bestway. You can’t go wrong with either. 

Just in case, you’re interested, check this article out: 2020 – Intex vs Bestway Swimming Pools – which is better?

Overall, TGR gives the Bestway Steel Pro Swimming Pool receives a strong 4.8 out of 5 rating. 

Quick TGR Review Summary

What I like

  • Easy to setup
  • Very durable

What I don’t like

  • The rusting of the steel frame

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