Blue or Clear Solar Cover?

Blue or clear solar cover are the two best for swimming pools

A solar swimming pool cover is important if you’re trying to keep your pool warm. Blue or clear solar cover are the two most popular options. The solar pool covers provides lowering the rate of evaporation, reduce the deterioration of chemicals and channels the sun’s heat into the water through the solar pool cover.

When shopping for a solar pool heating cover, there are two main things people think about before settling on the one they want. That would be if the solar pool cover is blue or clear, and if diamond or circle shaped cover is better.

Round or Diamond Bubble Solar Pool Cover?

Blue vs Clear

The question you may ask is why just blue and clear? Well, they are the most popular, and most pool supply stores only carry only blue or clear colored solar pool covers.

Blue or clear solar cover comparison.
Clear Solar Pool Cover

Blue or Clear is better?

It depends. Besides the obvious, color makes a difference on how the solar pool cover performs.

Blue is the standard color found in solar covers, and more cheaper than clear ones. Since blue solar covers are translucent, allowing light to pass through spread more evenly similar to a frosted glass effect.

Clear is more transparent than other colors, it’ll allow sunlight to pass through and penetrates deeper into the pool.

Determining on how much sunlight your pool is exposed to, is one thing to consider. If your swimming pool is in an area with less than 6 hours of direct sunlight, blue might be better. It allows for a wider range spread for shorter duration. This is also true for shallower pools. 

If cost is important, you’re saving just a few dollars with the blue color. For example, we purchased a 12′ x 20′ clear pool cover, and could have saved $5 on the entire purchase. Not much of a difference, but can be for larger pool covers.

Price Checks

Check them out!
Blue and clear solar cover.
Blue Wave Solar Blanket
Robelle Blue Solar Cover.
Robelle Blue Solar Cover Heating Blanket (Blue Diamond)
Blue or clear solar cover.
Sun2Solar Solar Cover Heating Blanket (Clear Round)
Blue or clear solar cover.

Sun2Solar Solar Cover Heating Blanket (Blue Round)

Final Thoughts on Blue or clear solar cover

Having a solar pool cover is better than not having one at all. Since owning a solar pool cover, we’ve extended the duration and amount of swim days. The cost was quickly offset with the amount of swimming we were able to do during colder days.

A good example, is we would normally have to wait for 80 degrees before considering dipping into the swimming pool. Even then, our swimming time was reduced to 30 minutes.

With a solar swimming pool cover, we are able to swim with 70 degree weather and stay in the water 60 to 90 minutes.  

Either way, blue or clear are both great options if you’re thinking of getting a solar pool heat cover. 

I would highly recommend to pair the solar pool cover with a solar pool heater like the one here.

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