Body-Solid Rubber Grip Olympic Plates REVIEW

Body Solid Weight Plates

The Body Solid Rubber Olympic Sets are one of the best olympic weight set. This review will explain why it’s great and give you information to determine if its for you.

TGR Rating: 5 out of 5

Manufacturer Description

Body Solid Rubber Grip Olympic Sets are designed using state-of-the art technology, surpassing all others in quality, accuracy, reliability and price. Quad-grip design guarantees safer and easier performance than any other plate on the market. Encased in durable, heavy-duty rubber to prevent scuffing or damage to equipment, walls or floors. Impact-resistant, these Olympic Plates will not split, crack or peel. Impervious to rusting, chipping, flaking or losing their color. Integrated metal sleeve provides a smooth, secure fit onto any Olympic bar. Heavy lifting has never been easier or safer.

Body Solid Weight Plates Review

The Good

These Body Solid Olympic Weighted Plates  were great to workout with. I love the grip handles which allows me to easily maneuver the plates when loading and unloading them on the bars. The protective rubber coating was very beneficial when doing exercises which may require some droppings to the floor such as dead-lifts. The rubber coatings definitely provides extra floor protection as well as protecting the weights. I thought the metal ring hole was also a nice addition which allows loading the bars more seamlessly. Body Solid is a reputable fitness equipment company and as expected produced quality weights.

The Bad

The smell of the weights when they first arrived was unbearable!  I aired it out on the back deck for a week after soaking and cleaning them with hot water mixed with Pine-Sol and Dish Washing detergent twice. The smell will eventually go away at least for me it did. I have read online that people have experienced the same thing. It took about 3 weeks before it became less noticeable in my basement and may be faster if it’s being stored in a ventilated area.  One word of caution is that the color of the rubber casing may fade a bit due to the washing, but will expedite the smell. I personally rather get rid of the smell and the look of it didn’t bother me.

Shipment and Packaging

These come via a freight carrier on a pallet. They will not delivery these without someone being home; however they will make a delivery appointment with you so you will know exactly what day and have a rough time frame when they will be there. These as you would expect to be packed in cardboard boxes.

Body solid olympic plates are great weights.

Body Solid Olympic Plates Final Thoughts

I am very satisfied with my purchases of these Body Solid Olympic Weights. It has been over 8 years now, and it was worth it! I have gotten rid of my other weight sets such as the Golds Gym and Impex brand.They did the job, but when I had to clear up some space it was not a hard choice to make! These are good quality weights, especially for the price . I would rank them a level below to the commercial quality weights (Ivanko etc.,) which his pretty decent for the price.

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