Century BOB XL vs XXL Wavemaster – Best Standing Bag Review

Century BOB and XXL Wavemaster Best Standing Punching Bag Review

When shopping around for a portable heavy bag, I have narrowed down my search to Century BOB XL and Century XXL WaveMaster. The main objective for my search was to find a heavy bag that was free standing, stress reliever as well as a training aid for my martial arts and boxing background.

After reading countless reviews and watching many YouTube product reviews, I was torn and ended up purchasing both heavy bags! I wanted to spare those the trouble and time by writing this review since there was quite a few debates on the comparison. Again, this is just my personal opinion, and take it for what it’s worth.

Shipment & Assembly

Both heavy bags will arrive in two boxes and approximately the same weight. The installation and instructions are pretty simple and straightforward. The assembly are similar in that they both will require the heavy bag to be placed on top of a base, with the XXL Wavemaster having a screw cap at the bottom.

Quick Specs Comparison

Century BOB and XXL Wavemaster Comparison Chart.

Individual Product Reviews

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In-Depth Comparison

I have chosen a few main factors to compare the two standing heavy bags.


The WaveMaster XXL is a bit larger due to the base, 28″ compared to 24″ for BOB XL. While BOB XL is adjustable, the WaveMaster XXL is one of the few traditional standing bags that are designed with a tall height of 69″ . Other than that they both are roughly the same size so when thinking of space, there’s no major deal breaker here.

Winner: EVEN

Weight Limit 

Both WaveMaster XXL and BOB XL have a max capacity upwards 250 lbs when filled with sand or water. However, the WaveMaster XXL has a larger base which is wider and lower than the BOB XL. While others may disagree, I have found the BOB XL to be more stable due to the way the bag responds when hit and it was more stable. I did not find BOB XL to tip as much as the Wave Master.

Winner: BOB XL


The BOB XL appears to have been made with better quality since the bag is filled more densely, whereas, the WaveMaster XXL is made of High Density Foam. Either way, both is durable. The BOB XL is more prone to get dirty due to the Plastisol makeup and the WaveMaster XXL is a wrapped in a sleek Vinyl. It’s all about preference here.

Both can be used without gloves, with a few caution. The BOB XL has very hard on the back and the face is the softest spot, so I would highly just wear gloves to avoid any damage to the skin. Secondly, the WaveMaster XXL is made of vinyl and overtime can damage the skin at minimal as well. Always better to be safe wearing protectors.

Winner: EVEN


I have rigorously worked on both heavy bags for the past six months and would have to say based on where things stand, they both are just as durable. Long term, it appears that the WaveMaster XXL may have the potential to be damage since it’s screwed onto a bottom cap which can break. This was one of the things mentioned by other product owners as well. Whereas, the BOB XL heavy bag is placed on one solid base.

Based on these small factors, I think BOB XL edges the WaveMaster XXL in this category.

Winner: BOB XL

Ease of Use

This can be a subjective area, it depends on who uses the heavy bags. I personally have both boxing and mixed martial arts background, roughly 15 years to date. With that being said, I have found the BOB XL to be very useful for my training. Those who have been primarily focused on boxing may much prefer the traditional heavy bag design and would enjoy using the WaveMaster XXL instead.

Winner: EVEN

Century BOB and XXL Wavemaster Final Thoughts

It would definitely be between Century BOB and XXL Wavemaster. I would recommend if possible to see these heavy bag in person to help make your decision. Both bags are very close in terms of quality and can be used for many years to come. I enjoy hitting the BOB XL heavy bag much more since it gives me better feedback. The way the bag responses and feels seems more natural than the WaveMaster XXL. BOB XL allows for precision striking and visualization for practicing attacks. Since having both bags, I have used the WaveMaster XXL for cardio purpose and incorporate kickboxing drills. The WaveMaster XXL is also taller allowing better for practicing low kicks. Either way, both heavy bags are great products and it will come down to preference. When thinking of standing heavy bags, these are the top two in the market today!


To Purchase the Century XXL WaveMaster

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  1. Tigger

    Seems that you forgot to refer to an important difference – the bag length, which is 52″ for the WaveMasterXXL and and only 40″ for the BobXL. I would expect that the longer WaveMasterXXL will be better for combinations of high punches with low kicks.

    Thanks for the review

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