Century® Wavemaster® XXL Training Bag REVIEW

Century XXL Wavemaster REVIEW

The Century Wavemaster XXL is a great heavy back for practicing your kicks and punches. Read further for the full review and get an in-depth look on what makes the Century Wavemaster XXL such a great product!

TGR Rating: 4 out of 5

Manufacturer Description

Featuring the largest kicking and punching surface on the market, the Century® XXL Wavemaster® gives you no reason to hold anything back. Able to withstand high-impact martial arts and kickboxing workouts, this bag’s high-density foam and vinyl construction is built to last. The low-profile base provides the stability you need when going through an intense training session.


  • Largest kicking and punching surface of any training bag on the market
  • Durable high-density foam and vinyl construction
  • Low-profile base provides stability
  • Extra-large fill hole and cap for ease of use
  • Can be filled with either water or sand
  • Bag dimensions: 18” diameter x 52” height
  • Base dimension: 28” diameter
  • 69” total height
  • Century

Century XXL Wavemaster Review

The Century XXL Wavemaster is a very solid portable heavy bag for training your punches and kicks. Most importantly, seeing something before buying it is ideal. Unfortunately the Century XXL Wavemaster was not in any local stores, as a result, we relied on product reviews online. Since the reviews were good and the YouTube videos was enough to help make the decision. Apparently Dicks Sporting Good (online) charges for shipping large items, so I went with Amazon to save on shipping costs.

Century XXL Wavemaster – Shipment & Delivery

Century XXL Wavemaster arrived in these boxes.

With Amazon Prime shipment, we received the Century XXL Wavemaster within two days. Once arrived, it came in two boxes; one box was the base and the second included the heavy bag. Both boxes arrived in pretty good shape, and to my surprise was not that heavy.

Century XXL Wavemaster – Assembly & Instructions

Century XXL Wavemaster ready to be filled with sand.

It was simple to assemble with three short steps to install the Century WaveMaster. There’s the base, the bag and a screw cap that goes on the bottom to keep the bag in place. It’s required that you place the screen cap at the bottom of the base and fill it up before you place the bag on-top. Once you have filled the base up, you can then place the bag on top and screw it into the cap at the bottom of the base. It took me approximately 3 full turns for the bag to be tighten to the base.

The base was able to hold five 50 pounds All-purpose sand bags which took nearly 30-45 minutes to fill. Sand was my choice since it’s heavier than water, and I have read that adding water tends to leak. One thing to keep in mind is sand will be harder to remove if you ever had to do it. I also placed the Century WaveMaster onto of rubber flooring to prevent it from sliding all over the place.

Also, remember is to use dry sand because wet sand will be much hard to pour!

Century XXL Wavemaster Product Quality

The Century XXL Wavemaster fully setup.

The product has very nice aesthetics with an impressive look with its high-density foam bag. It’s wrapped with a sleek vinyl cover making it very enticing to hit! Because the bag is made of high-density foam, it’s light but is able to absorb heavy abuse easily. The bag when filled with either water or sand, weighs roughly 250-280 pounds. One other design attraction is that it’s a pretty tall heavy bag at 69 inches tall and 18 inches in diameter. The extra height allow for those to practice their low kicks.

After a few sessions with the bag, its proven very durable but it’s not as stable as imagined. A roundhouse kick or a solid hook can rock the entire bag and move it a few inches. This can create a lot of noise, and be annoying for some people. It isn’t to say the bag can be easily knocked over, but will require a nice amount of pushing force to do so. To put things into perspective, this would likely be a rushing side kick, more so than a straight power punch.

There were also complaints online regarding the base being too wide, but that did was not a problem for me.

In addition, this bag was used more for cardio since there are plenty of alternatives in my gym. Otherwise, it would have serve just as well for taking a power workout minus the few minor things mentioned.

Final Thoughts on the Century XXL Wavemaster

Overall, this was a decent purchase for those who cannot hang any heavy bag from the ceiling. The Century XXL Wavemaster is a great confidence booster since each shot seems to give off more due to the weight of the bag.

To Purchase the Century XXL Wavemaster
Century® Wavemaster® Freestanding Heavy Bag.

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