Coronavirus shopping list for everyone!

COVID-19 shopping list in preparation for any short-term or long-term lockdown!

During these times of uncertainty, there’s a lot of anxiety and panic. Especially since most of us may not have ever experience what we are witnessing today. Through vigorous research, we’ve compiled a complete quarantine shopping list hence the Coronavirus shopping list. This Covid-19 shopping list can be extended, please feel free to add suggestions in the comment section so we can help EVERYONE prepare during these difficult times. If we are able to help even one person, then we’ve done our job here. #COVID19 #coronavirus #Unite #StaySafe #Coronavirus shopping list

Introduction to the Quarantine Shopping List

As the Coronavirus, formerly known as COVID-19, starts to reach pandemic levels, many authorities are doing what they can to stop the vicious spread in their communities.  We have seen over the past few weeks some of the drastic measures in attempt to control the spread of the coronavirus.  From shutting down schools, prohibiting restaurants in-door dining services and even closing businesses that are categorized as “non-essential”.  All the events related to the COVID-19 have led to reaction to feds cutting rates and market rates dropping drastically.

In the US, we were given warnings to prepare ourselves based on how other countries have dealt with COVID-19. China, and Italy have been a reality check for many of us who choose to realize how bad things can become. Italy have been in lockdown mode for weeks and some local states in the US have already begin enforcing curfews. It appears to be evitable that more cities will start to take the same measures if things don’t improve.

Whether it’s a self-quarantine or imposed quarantine, two-weeks’ worth of supply would be a good start. The COVID-19 shopping list include food that assumes there’s electricity (microwaveovenfridgefreezer is available) still.

Three Main Food Choices for Storage

For our COVID-19 shopping list, we have to start with the different food storage types. When stocking food, here are the three main choices:

  1. Dry food

There are short-term and long-term dry food. Things such as fruits, veggies, and bread can last up to 2 to 3 weeks as short-term dry food.

For longer storage options, food such as Instant Cup Ramen Noodle, Granola bars and Instant Oatmeal pouches can be preserved for longer periods.

2. Canned Food

The next choice would be canned foods. Canned Food is the most popular choice for food storage. Depending on the type of food, they can have a shelf life up to 3 years and possibly stretch to 4 years if properly stored.

While canned fruits can be stored up to 1 year; canned meats, vegetable and soups are typically stored up to 3 years.

All Canned Food should be stored in a clean, dry place with temperatures between 50-70 degrees.

3. Frozen Food

Lastly, frozen food would be another food source to consider for storage but is dependent on a freezeroven or microwave. If electricity is not compromised, you should be able to enjoy your favorite meals within minutes with very little preparation. They typically can be kept for 3-6 months in the freezer.

USDA Freezing Food Safety – Click here for more information

Continue reading for the Four of the Best Food Storage Containers and Bags in the COVID-19 shopping list

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Important Note: All food products should have expiration dates, the shelf-life listed in this article are from a general perspective and the recommendation is to follow the expiration label listed on the food.

COVID-19 shopping list - MEATS

  1. Meats

  • Dry Meat
    • Beef jerky and any meat that are sun/salt dried are also worth stocking if that’s something you enjoy. Any unopened packaging may allow the dry meat to last up to 2 years.
  • Frozen Meat
    • Frozen meat can be stored for several months if bought fresh from your local market. Consider the expiration date and very good for short-term storage.
  • Freeze-Dried Meat
    • There are other options for storing meat. Freeze-Dried Meat are sealed in resilient packaging, allowing for many years of 2 to 25 years of storage life.  

Useful tip: USDA guidelines recommends tossing uncooked meat out after a year, with uncooked ground meat after just 4 months. Any frozen cooked meat should go after 3 months. When stocking up, consider these facts to be safe.

Jack Link’s Beef JerkyBeef jerky for quarantine shopping list.
People's Choice Beef Jerky
More beef jerky for Coronavirus shopping list.
People's Choice Beef Jerky People's choice for beef jerky.
Cattleman's Cut Old Fashioned Smoked Sausages
Sweet Soppresata Natural Dry Cured Sausage
Dry cured sausage for quarantine.
Formosa Brand Pork Sung
Pork sung for quarantine.

COVID-19 shopping list - RICE

2. Rice

White rice is a convenient food staple to store due to its longevity, it’s very filling and you’ll get most for your money. Any rice stored in 70 degrees with oxygen absorbers can last up to 10 years! And for longer periods, use cooler oxygen-free containers and rice can be kept up to 30 years!

Airtight containers such as PETE (Food safe plastic), glass jars#10 cans lined with food-grade enamel lining and even Mylar type bags work best.

Uncooked white rice, and uncooked brown rice, however, is best stored up to 12 months.

Cooked white rice, and cooked brown rice can be stored in the refrigerator for 5-7 days. You can also freeze cooked rice up to 6 months in an airtight container or freezer bag.

Popular Rice Brands

NISHIKIRice for COVID-19 shopping list.
Three Elephant Brand More rice for quarantine shopping list
Uncle Ben Add rice to COVID-19 shopping list.
Kokuho RoseKokuho Rose is a good rice brand.

COVID-19 shopping list – FOOD BARS

3. Food Bars

Food bars are quick storage options, it’s filled with calories and nutrients that are ready to eat without any preparation. There are granola bars, protein bars, meal-replacement bars and energy bars and they all have a pretty good shelf-life depending on what bars you get.

Top Food Bars for Emergency Storage

* In no particular order

1. Soldier Fuel Soldier Fuel for quarantine.
3 years Shelf Life
2. Power BarsAdd Power Bars to the shopping list.
1-2 years Shelf Life
3. CLIF BarsCLIF bars for the COVID-19 shopping list.
2-3 years Shelf Life
4.Lara Bars Lara bars for the COVID-19 shopping list.
1-2 years Shelf Life

4. Luna bars – 2 to 3 years shelf life

5. KIND breakfast bar1 to 3 years shelf life

6. Quaker Chewy Granola – 1 to 3 years shelf life 

7.  Kellogg’s Special K Protein Lunch Bars– 1 to 3 years shelf life

Coronavirus shopping list – DRY CEREAL AND OATMEAL

4. Dry Cereal and Oatmeal

Dry Cereal is very addicting and can be a snack alternative without any milk. There are so many cereals to choose from and if its dry, it will have a long shelf life.

Instant Oatmeal can also be enjoyed with just mixing with water or milk and sold in single box with several pouches.

Quaker Instant Maple Oatmeal.
Nature's Path
Original instant Oatmeal.

Coronavirus shopping list – SOUP AND INSTANT NOODLES

5. Soup and Instant Noodles

Soup can be readily available in cans and cups and can quickly be prepared.

Instant Noodles are also sold in cans, dry packaging and in cups.

Both are choices are excellent for quick meals and can be very affordable.

Popular Instant Noodles

Campbell Chunky Soup
Campbell Chunky Soup.
Progresso Beef Barley.
Nissin Instant Noodle Soup
Instant Cup Noodles for Covid-19.

Coronavirus shopping list – FRUITS AND VEGETABLES

6. Fruits and Vegetables

A combination of long-lasting and dried frozen fruits and veggie would be a good idea. Long lasting fruits can last a week or two and are packed with vitamins to keep your immune system healthy during these times.

Bananas, apples, oranges, pears and grapefruits are good long-lasting fruits. Broccoli, cauliflower, pepper, carrots and potatoes are good choices for long-lasting veggies. Some can also be preserved in the fridge for much longer depending on the fruit or vegetable.

Another choice would to stock up on frozen fruits and frozen vegetables. It may be worth have some in your freezer once the fresh stock is gone.

Canned choices are also good options and canned fruits can be stored up to 1 year.

When thinking of the fruits and vegetable, consider what you enjoy most as well as healthy options that is crucial to your health.

Coronavirus shopping list – FROZEN MEALS

7. Frozen meals

Frozen meals are very popular as your favorite dishes can be ready within minutes.

Consider having hot cooked meals such as wild Salmon with veggies, Braised beef or Chicken Masala, Lasagna, Meatloaf and Spaghetti meatballs that can be reasonably cooked within 3 minutes!

Even pizza from your favorite pizza chain like California Pizza or breakfast meals such as waffles and pancakes!

As you can see, there are plenty of choices to keep you sane while you avoid restaurants or delivery services. The only thing to note is their shelf life is anywhere between 3 to 6 months.

Lean Cuisine Meatloaf Meal
COVID19 shopping list with Lean Cuisine.
Stouffer Lasagna with Meat and Sauce
Digiorno pizza for quarantine..
Digiorno Traditional Crust Pizza
COVID19 shopping list

Coronavirus shopping list – SNACKS

8. Snacks

There may be plenty of anxiety and nostalgia feeling during time of quarantine. Crackers, beef jerky, potato chips, cookies and some of your favorite junk food can provide quick comfort. Indulging in your favorite snacks could be healthy for your sanity sake. 

Popular Snacks

Nabisco Cookies Sweet Treats Variety PackNabisco cookies.
Frito-Lay Fun Times Mix Variety Pack
Frito-lay mix variety pack.
Pepperidge Farm Goldfish
Pepperidge farm goldfish.
Frito-Lay Ultimate Snack Care Package
Frito-lay snack package.

COVID-19 shopping list – EGGS

9. Eggs

Short-term Storage

Traditional eggs aren’t a long-lasting option. Normally eggs left in the egg-carton can last up to 3 weeks in the refrigerator, and shorter if not kept in the egg-carton.

Long-term Storage

Powered eggs are a good choice allowing up to 1 year of storage if open, and if the packet is unopen, it can last up to 5 to 10 years. They taste very comparable to shelled eggs, and you’ll notice very little difference. It’s also simple to prepare requiring just water and mix. 

Powdered eggs are dehydrated eggs, like how powdered milk are processed and preserved.

Natural Natural Foods Whole Egg powder.
It's Just!Egg white protein.

10. Milk

Milk has become an essential food item for most people, and some can’t live without it. Unless you have a cow, there are two immediate options which are carton-based milk or powdered milk.  Carton milk can be stored for 2-3 weeks, whereas powdered milk for a very long time.

Powdered milkcan be stored up to 10 years or longer. Some stores have powdered milk labeled with a 25-year expiration date.  While according to some recent Googling search, USDA suggests it may be stored indefinitely.

Prescribed For LifeWhole Dry Milk for quarantine.
MilkmanMilkman for quarantine shopping list.
Judees Gluten FreeGluten Free Whole Milk Powder.

11. Water and Juice

Plan to have at minimal one gallon of liquid per person for daily consumption. Juice would be a good alternative to water. Some come in boxes and bottles which allows for good storing options.

  • Water bottles, typical shelf life is 1-2 years.
  • Juice boxes at best quality can last about 12 to 18 months.
  • Powdered drinks such as Kool-Aid and Gatorade can last 1-2 years when kept dry.

12. Baby Formula and food

For parents with young babies, you will need to remember to stock up on baby formula and the milk powdered forms are the easiest for storage.

Baby food are often kept in tiny jars and are already made for long-term storage. Be sure to review the expiration labels.

13. Pet Food

Just like babies, our pets will need food. Luckily, they usually come in large bags which allows for easy storage.

Highlight: COVID-19 Shopping List

  • Meats
  • Rice
  • Food bars
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Cereal and Instant Oatmeal
  • Soup and Instant Noodles
  • Eggs
  • Snacks
  • Frozen Meals (entrees, pizza etc.,)
  • Milk
  • Water and/or Juice
  • Baby Formula food
  • Pet Food

Emergency Food Supply Kit is a must for any Quarantine Shopping List!

When you’re in a rush or simply want a food supply kit that will fit your needs, consider these options. This will save time and hassel for locating the things you want.

Glass jar
Glass jar for quarantine.
Mylar Bag
Mylar bags for quarantine.

Quarantine Shopping List Final Thoughts 

Amid any crisis, whether it be COVID-19 (Coronavirus) or whatever else that may come our way, it’s always good to be prepared to some extent. Knowing the basics for survival is just as important as staying healthy. This quarantine shopping list is work in progress. Participate and share if there’s others that you think is useful. 

Share your comments below and tell us what else you think should be part of this list!

In closing, don’t forget to wash your hands, practice social distancing and be safe!

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Emergency survival kit for lock downs and quarantine.

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