DIY Cheap Wasp Killer at Home

How to Kill Bees and Kill Wasps with an EASY DIY Solution that is Cheap, Effective and Fast to Make!

Here you will find a quick and easy solution to kill bees and kill wasps.

Before we get to the topic which you’re coming here for, I wanted to emphasize the following disclaimer.

Whenever you’re dealing with dangerous insects like bees and wasps, it’s best to let the professionals handle it. They can cause you more pain than necessary, if not handled properly. It’s very important to understand the risks involved before attempting to take matters in your own hand.

Now that’s out the way, let’s move onto the subject at hand.


It’s summertime which is also a season for bees and wasps to be very active. On what seems to be a normal day, we discovered about ten black wasps hovering around our outdoor furniture. 

Here’s a solution that was proven very effective for us. The solution is how we were able to kill the wasps, and it is how we were able to kill bees also.

Easy Homemade DIY Remedy

Here’s a quick homemade solution that is a cheap, and effective in killing bees and wasps. 

Dish washing Soap & Water Solution

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Dish Washing Soap (w/ degreaser)
  2. Hose Sprayer Attachment
  3. Water sourced from a garden hose

kill bees kill wasps solution 

The solution involved a water mixed dish washing soap solution.

I filled the spray attachment container half-way with Dawn Ultra Dishwashing Liquid and added 1/4 water so it’s watery enough for the hose end spray attachment. Last thing you want is your sprayer being jammed since it was not liquid enough.

Next, I was able to find a cheap hose end spray attachment that allows the water to disperse in wide area. This helped landing the bee and wasps more effectively as they attempt to fly away from being a shooting target.

Last, attach the Hose End Sprayer Attachment to the garden hose and it’s ready to be used.

A few useful tips, to increase your chance of success:

  • Make sure you stay at a nice distance, at least 10-20 feet away (use your judgement, you might need to be closer to be more effective) from the bees and wasps you’re spraying. They will react very aggressive once they realized they are being attacked. If one dies, be aware, the colony will become more alert.
  • Have an escape route, so you can quickly get away if the bees and wasps if needed.
  • And wear thick clothing, just in case. 
There’s nothing safer than a using a reputable professional pest company. 

Hose End Sprayer

You will need one of these to allow your attacks to be from a safe distance.  If you get too close, you may get stung by the bees or wasps. So be careful!

Alternative Solution - Dish Soap, Vinegar and Water

With this alternative solution, the wasps and bees cannot breathe. Once they are sprayed with dish soap, vinegar and water, they will suffocate and die. 

I have used a 50/50 mix of vinegar and water and 50% dish washing soap.  

Visiting from YouTube? The End Result

kill bees kill wasps solution
kill bees kill wasps solution
kill bees kill wasps solution
kill bees kill wasps solution

If you’re one following me from YouTube, then you’re probably curious about how I managed the situation.

For those who are not sure with what I’m referring to, read along or feel free to check out my video on YouTube. The video will also demonstrate how effective the solution is.

Once I discovered the wasps crawling inside the holes in the furniture, I realized that’s where they were building a nest. The photo below, is about 10 days after they took over the furniture. 

kill bees kill wasps solution

The Solution: We monitored the situation for the next 7 days. Each day, we found a few buzzing around and was able to manage the situation by spraying them with the DIY Soap & Water solution. Next, after the sunset (when the bees/wasps are least active), I removed the plug quickly with a pick and flushed the holes with the soap, water and added vinegar solution mix. There was a lot of nest material coming out.  We only did this once, but ran the water mix for a good 2-3 mins each hole.

The Results: It has been more than a month since we seen any wasps or bees near the area.  I have to remind everyone, we had to carefully plan and be extremely cautious when attempting to rid the wasps without any professional help.

I’ll update post if the situation changes. Thanks for stopping by and be safe!

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