Duramax Pent Roof Gray Metal Shed – REVIEW

Duramax Pent Roof Gray Metal Shed

In this article, we’ll be reviewing Duramax Pent Roof Gray Metal Shed, particularly the 8 x 6 foot version.

TGR Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Manufacturer Description: The Duramax pent roof metal shed features a 8 ft. wide format that’s ideal for any outdoor application. This shed features a strong dent resistant metal walls. Built in Skylight to allow inside the shed to be illuminated directly by the sunlight for energy efficiency. Perfect for orchards to store fresh produce temporarily to maintain freshness or for other purposes. The assembly is very simple and requires only a few household tools.

  • Hot-dipped galvanised steel throughout
  • Skylight to allow for light
  • Steel floor frame is great for a plywood floor finish wood not included
  • Sliding doors to save space
  • Sloped roof design helps fit against a fence or outside wall
Product Weight (lb.): 152lb
Storage Capacity (cu. ft.):  257

Duramax Pent Roof Shed Review

Duramax pent roof metal shed.

When shopping around for a shed that we could place near my home due to preference and there was a certain price range in mind. The Duramax pent roof shed short enough (79.5″) that had a modern look to it. The plastic see-thru window and lean-to roof style was a nice addition compared to similar ones in the same price range which had no windows.

Duramax Pent Roof Shed – Packaging & Shipment

The Duramax pent roof metal shed arrived in 1 large box, and was pretty heavy weighing a little over 150 lbs. In addition, the walls and roof pieces were tightly squeezed into the box.

Assembly the Duramax Pent Roof Shed

It took approximately 15 hours over the course of 4 days putting this pent roof metal shed together. In addition, its recommended if you are purchasing this pent roof metal shed to consider the Foundation Kit (sold separately) as a strong base to keep the walls more intact. The Foundation Kit also allows for placement of the flooring which is also sold separately. We ended up going to a local Home Depot and had the plywood flooring cut into 3 pieces as shown in the diagram.

It will require a minimum of two people to assist with holding up the walls while the other person tightens the screws. There are also a lot of pieces, which almost seems like 100 screws and plastic caps. For the price, it’s a decent shed and the pent roof metal shed instructions were pretty easy to follow (minus the amount of steps needed to complete it).

Duramax Pent Roof Shed Quality

The first thing you’ll notice is how thin/lightweight the walls and roof pieces are for the Duramax pent roof metal shed. It’s borderline flimsy and can be easily dented. We have placed our shed next to a corner by the house which reduces this concern especially if it’s really windy.  Surprisingly enough, once put together, it holds up pretty well. We’ve had it endured a few snowstorms (including a nor’easter with over 1 foot of snow) over the past six months with no deterioration.  I’m mentioning this since there was noted by the manufacturer there is a Maximum Roof Load (lb./ sq. ft.) of 20 lbs and 88 mph wind resistance.

Aside from the thin walls, I would not recommend buying the Duramax pent roof metal shed if you are looking for one that can protect and secure your belongings. Not only is the door flimsy, it can be easily kicked in or pry open with a tool. We have acknowledged this and made this a storage area for our garden tools and ladders. While you can add a chain/padlock for deterring intruders, we have added a security sensing motion flood light as well.

Lastly, the screws that keeps the roof together come with plastic washers to prevent rain from seeping into the shed. As of now, it doesn’t appear to be a major problem, but I would suggest applying silicone or some glue around it if needed.

Customer Service for Duramax

Upon assembling the Duramax pent roof metal shed, we discovered missing parts and reached out to Duramax directly. The situation required escalation to their Management team since we did not receive any parts in a timely manner. Their explanation was because their production is offshore and they were out of stock. Their production team did not reply to any of my emails until I requested the information was forwarded to their management team.

Final Thoughts on the Duramax Pent Roof Shed

Overall, for the price, the Duramax pent roof metal shed is OK. I would probably buy it again taking the precautions I mentioned and since I don’t want to spend $1,000. The design and having very limited choices for sheds that was 8′ x 6′ and of this height helped made the decision.

As you can see from the photos, you can squeeze in quite a few things in there without a problem. This allowed us to free up space in the garage for other things.

Duramax pent roof metal shed is able to hold many things. A front shot of the pent metal shed. Just another shot of the metal pent shed.

In Closing

During the first week of installation, we discovered little visitors (mice) who were looking to make the bottom of the shed their new home. There are articles on the Internet on how to fix this issue. It would be best to dig a few inches down and put a mesh fence. Instead, we basically down down the edges and filled it with 1 foot of concrete. After a few weeks during the winter, we have found up to four pathways dug by animals in attempt to penetrate under the shed and they were unable to.

One other suggestion, which is to buy all-purpose stone and pour them under the shed so there’s no room for any animal to squeeze under. They run approximately $4 for 40 lbs.

For more information how to handle unwanted intruders living under your shed, visit Animals Hiding Under Shed.

Update 3 Years LATER – August 2020

It’s August 2020, and I have to say that I’m impressed with how the Duramax pent roof metal shed held up. The shed has survived 2 winters so far with no issues in terms of structure is concern. We had several rain and snow storm so far. In addition, the door has been dented due to carelessness when moving big objects around and banging up against it. Overall, the Duramax pent roof shed held up with no problems. Based on how things are going, I am confident it will last several more years.


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