Everything happens for a reason

God is the almighty, the one and only supreme creator of the universe.  He is all powerful and all knowing. (Psalm 147:5)


I sit here and ponder, as I reflect on my life replaying events after events in my head. Events that surely molded me to who I am today. I was not born with some of the attributes that are my strengths today, or  innately they were and was only brought out throughout my trials and tribulations. Ultimately, God speaks to you in many ways and God’s true purpose is often times hidden from us. Everything happens for a reason and through God you will often find out why.

It is only after 20 years, I realized what those hard years of pain and suffering meant. In short, there is a reason for things that happen in life.  For example, Joseph’s mistreatment from his brothers or the blindness of the man in John 9.

God has the knowledge and power to all that happens. At minimal, he has the power to prevent anything, but all that is allowed must be allowed by him.

Since sin exists, through the biblical stories, men have fallen time after time. This proves, God does not control your actions. He will however, hold you responsible for your wrong doings.

When you’re faced with adversity or in the weathering storm of your trials, you are given choices, and the outcome are based on the path you decide.

You may not know what, or why things are happening at the very moment, but be assured that with God by your side, there’s a silver lining in everything.

Prayer is a game changer

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