How to clean you water slide without scrubbing! Fast and easy!

If you are like many water park slide/bouncy house owners, you may be faced with mildew problems. This can be extremely frustrating and annoying each summer.

You can find yourself spending many hours just trying to scrub and clean the waterslide if not taken care properly.

I have tried different methods to remove the mildew stains from the water slide. Including water/dishwasher mix, bleach/water mix and even a power washer. Nothing has worked easily.

Note: To prevent mildew from growing on your water slide, it’s best to put away when it’s completely dry.

No Scrubbing Method

I stumbled across this solution and it worked seamlessly! Spray it on the water slide and a few minutes later it’ll disappear without needing to scrub.

Then when you’ve completed the application to the water slide, hose it down with clean water before usage.

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