Intex Krystal Filter on the Bestway Swimming Pool

An Excellent Pool Filter!

Intex Pool has been around for quite some time, specializing in swimming pools and equipment. I have owned both Intex and Bestway swimming pools, and a filter pump was included with each purchase.

Having experienced both first hand, I am a huge fan of the Intex Krystal Clear Pool Filter Cartridge Pump for swimming pools. I currently have the Intex Krystal Clear Pool Filter Cartridge Pump paired up with a Bestway Swimming Pool and it works perfectly.

The filter that came with the Bestway pool (800+ gallons) was underwhelming and the water would not turn over enough to keep the pool clean. Algae was always a constant problem.

Since switching over to the Intex Krystal Clear Pool Filter Cartridge Pump, 1000 GPH, we have not had that problem.

We use to empty the swimming pool once a week, and now, we have not changed it in weeks. The filter is on at least 8 hours, every day and we toss in 2-3 chlorine tablets to maintain the water and top it off each time we’re done using it.  



The Intex Krystal Clear Pool Filter Cartridge Pump is very easy to setup. Once the pool hose is connected, simply plug the power cord in and its ready to go.

Flow Rate

The Intex Krystal Clear Pool Filter Cartridge Pump has a flow rate of 1,000 gallons per hour, and a system flow rate of 750 gallons per an hour. Hydro Aeration Technology by Intex, which is a design concept that helps with improved water circulation and filtration.

The flow rate is substantially better when replaced, from the Bestway filter pump that came with it. 

Filter Cartridge Maintenance

The Intex Krystal Clear Pool Filter Cartridge Pump uses type A replaceable cartridge (#29000E). These cartridges are good for 2-3 weeks; and easy to maintain. You can remove the top cover, and remove and insert the new cartridge. 

Manufacturer Short Description


  • Weight: 8.63 pounds
  • Package Dimensions: 15.20in x 11.00in x 11.00in
  • Voltage: 110-120 V (W/GFCI)

Interested in Buying an Intex Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter Pump

There are plenty of options available for all different kind of swimming pool sizes. When picking one, make sure you choose one powerful enough to handle the amount of gallons of water per hour. All of the details are approximation. For more accurate information, visit

Krystal Clear 28601EG.
Krystal Clear Filter 28603EG.
330 Gph Krystal Clear Filter - 28601EG530 Gph Krystal Clear Filter - 28603EG
Round Pool Size: 6, 8, 10 ft12, 13, 15 ft
Rectangle Pool Size: 10 ft12 ft
System Flow Rate: 300 gal/hr530 gal/hr
Pump Flow Rate: 330 gal/hr475 gal/hr
Krystal Clear Filter 28637.
Krystal Clear Filter 28635EG.
1000 Gph Krystal Clear Filter - 28637EG1500 Gph Krystal Clear Filter - 28635EG
Round Pool Size: 15 ft18 ft
Rectangle Pool Size: 10 ft14/16 ft
System Flow Rate: 750 gal/hr1,500 gal/hr
Pump Flow Rate: 1,000 gal/hr1,180 gal/hr
Krystal Clear Filter 28633EG.
2500 Gph Krystal Clear Filter - 28633EG
System Flow Rate: 1,900 gal/hr
Pump Flow Rate: 2,500 gal/hr

Quick TGR Review Summary

What I like

  • Light making it easy to move around
  • Easy to setup
  • Affordable Price tag
  • Solid Performance

What I don’t like

  • Nothing 

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  1. cobus

    Hi do you know if the Bestway filters fit into the Intex pumps?

    They look very similar but don’t want to buy to and find out they don’t fit.


    1. thatguyr

      I think they do, I had to swap the Bestway pump out since it was under performing. See this video here for more details:

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