Intex vs Bestway Swimming Pools – Which is better?

Intex vs Bestway Above Ground Pools - These are the two best above ground swimming pool!

When it’s heating up outside, so is the competition when it comes to the best above ground swimming pool in the market. Intex vs Bestway above ground pools have been a popular comparison for those shopping for one. That’s why Intex and Bestway have been cranking up the dial, and there many different options are available for different needs.

To save you the hassle and time, this review will go into depth on their pros and cons. 

About Intex and Bestway - Above Ground Swimming Pools

Intex has been around for a long time and hit the above ground swimming pool market in 1997. They also, distributes airbeds, toys, furniture, boats and other products.

Bestway started in 1994, and has a wide selection of above ground swimming pools, portable spas, sporting goods, camping products and many more. 

They both are similar in that they have five primary products line in the above ground swimming pool category. 

Let's take a look at the 3 above ground pool types from Intex and Bestway.

Top Ring Fill Pools

Intex EASY SET vs Bestway FAST SET

The Intex Easy Set and Bestway Fast Set pools are made of high-quality and durable laminated PVC side walls. The price range and pool size are similar, 6 feet to 18 feet; and they run between $50 and $300.

In general, these Top Ring Fill Pools are good for those with smaller space, and rectangle shaped pools is not important. It’s also more affordable and the easiest to setup.

Intex Easy Set is constructed with Laminated PVC; Bestway Fast Set uses three materials: 2 layers of PVC surrounding a center layer of polyester mesh.

I personally feel the Intex edges Bestway here with their filtering system and slightly better material quality. With this being said, though they are within the same price range, Intex will generally run a few more bucks. Due to its bigger customer base, Intex is able to command the extra dollars. 

With the good, comes the bad. Even with these common complaints, both Intex and Bestway still fairs better than other above ground pool products.

Common Customer Complaints: 

  • Intex: Inflatable rings leaks easily.
  • Bestway: Inflatable rings does not hold air, causing leaking.

Metal Steel Frame Pools


The Intex Metal Frame and Intex Prism Frame are built similar. With the Intex Prism Frame being one notch higher quality frame to support a larger water capacity.  Intex Metal Frame Pools has a strong laminated PVC sidewalls and steel frames. It is able to support up to 6,423 gallons of water and can hosts more swimmers at one time.

It comes with a ladder, a pool cover, ground cloth, and filter. The Intex Metal Frame and Intex Prism pools have a Krystal Clear Cartridge pumps which is an upgrade to keep the water healthy. 

For Bestway, Steel Pro pool is their metal steel frame version. They also have Power Steel pool which is similar in concept, but a notch higher in quality frame to support a larger water capacity. They can support up to 6,869 gallons. Similar to the Intex models, it is made of Heavy-duty PVC sidewalls and polyester 3-ply band that wraps around the bottom of the pool liner to help reinforce and keeps the legs in firm position. 

Both pools are solid options if you’re looking for a larger pool to support more people. The extra layer of sidewall and higher quality steel framing construction enables a larger support for more swimmer and higher water capacity. 

Bestway above ground swimming pool has a higher water capacity in regards to steel framing pools, but Intex is a bit more durable and pricier option. 

Depending on what your needs are, this should help you decide on whats best for you and your family.

With the good, comes the bad. Even with these common complaints, both Intex and Bestway still fairs better than other above ground pool products.

Common Customer Complaints: 

  • Intex: Liners leaking and pumps are not strong enough.
  • Bestway: Liners not durable and delivered with missing parts

Top of the Line Pool

Intex Ultra (XTR) vs Bestway Hydrium

The Ultra XTR Frame pools are the best quality above ground swimming pool offered by Intex. They are by far the largest of the pools available by Intex. The smallest size starts at 16 feet up to 32 feet.

The sidewalls are combined with polyester and PVR to increase its toughness by 50% than Intext’s lower-end pools. 

Intex Ultra XTR Frame pools metal frame are rust-resistant using heavy duty galvanized steel with exterior powder coating. It also has snap-in joints making installation and setup easy.

The Hydrium pools are Bestways top pool products. They even has an edge over Intex’s best Ultra XTR Frame pools. Bestways Hydrium above ground swimming pool have 0.3 mm steel sided walls, and steel frames. Obviously, steel can endure much more damage than any vinyl sided pools can. The Bestway Hyrium swimming pools are only available from 10 feet to 15 feet.

Both Ultra XTR and Hyrium are available in round and rectangle shape. 

I personally enjoy large pools and if I had the space for it, I would choose Intex larger size even though the material isn’t as great as Bestways Hydrium steel walls. But if I’m restricted to just the max size and plan on keeping my pool up all year long, then steel wall makes sense for its durability and longevity. It’s all about personal preference.

Final Verdict

Bestway and Intex Above Ground Swimming pools are comparable when it comes to quality. I do feel as though Intex does edge Bestway a bit with a little thicker side wall and harder tube framing.

Cost Effective

Bestway is generally more affordable and offering more in terms of water holding capacity. But suffers a little on the durability and quality. The framing structure is more susceptible to rust for the lower-end framing pools for both. The higher-end models, will have better quality such as exterior and interior rust resistant coating.


Intex also does better in the filtering department. Flowclear and Flowclear Sand pumps come in different sizes. It appears to be the entry way pumps for Bestways Above Ground Swimming pools. They are not as good as the Intex Krystal Clear pumps. I would recommend upgrading the pump, and if it comes with your pool, just think of it as buying just the pool with a backup pump. Customers are know to have Intex pumps with a Bestway swimming pool.

Assembly and Setup

Intex has round tubing, while Bestway has oval tubing. I did find Bestway a little more challenging to line the tube frame holes and snapping it in. Intex also has better instruction manual.

With Bestway Hydrium topping Intex best Ultra XTR, goes to show it’s potential and possibly of what’s to coming with them improving year after year.


Overall, I’ve owned both and they are great choices. The family has enjoyed Bestway’s long rectangle pool with its specific dimensions not offered by Intex. With the Intex pool, it was very fun and enjoyed the quality of their products.

Hopefully with this article, it has helped you decide on which above swimming pool is best for you.

Honorable mention:  Coleman swimming pools are also worth taking a look. They offer better filters than Intex and Bestway with comparable quality above ground swimming pools. Coleman above ground swimming pools are known for their ease of maintenance and keeping water quality crystal clear.

Something to think about: Coleman swimming pools can be more expensive, so a Bestway or Intex swimming pool with a Coleman filter is often good enough if you’re on a budget. Some Intex and Bestway pools may already include a Coleman filter, make sure its a quality one, that can keep up with the capacity of your swimming pool.

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