Manny Pacquiao vs Adrien Broner – Predictions

The Fight

This is a very interesting fight that should have happened a long time ago. Broner makes it very entertaining with his ability to sell the fight; while he plays the role of a bad guy well, in some ways you want to root for him based on his entertainment. In more recent interviews including the interviews and social media where Pacquiao is starting to engage in throwing verbal jabs at his opponent, and that’s probably because he finally realizes that he needs to do more to attract more viewers.

Arum: Pacquiao Left For PBC For Mayweather Rematch

As far as the fight, Pacman has the edge due to his speed, power and training ethics. While Broner tends to run into his share of “problems” outside of the ring. In most recent news, Broner was arrested in Florida right before Christmas just three weeks before the fight. He was arrested for failure to appear in court earlier in the month.  Based on recent YouTube clips, Broner definitely cranking it up during his training camp as he has been seen to have lost a nice amount of weight in such a short amount of time. However, news like this can’t help his cause, especially if he is behind bars.  Luckily for the fans, he was able to post bail and we’re all keeping our fingers crossed that he can stay out of trouble until then.

In the News: Adrien Broner Arrested Just Before Christmas in Florida

On the flip side, Pacquiao has released just as much clips of him training and has even stated that he’s looking for the knockout this time. It will be exciting to see if his momentum from the Lucas Matthysse fight will carry over. If he does knock Broner out, he will be the first to do so.

My Analysis Based On Recent Performance


I was not too impressed with Broner’s performance against his last opponent Jessie Vargas. I personally like Jessie as a person, he seems like a nice guy with a good head on his shoulder. However, I can’t speak the same for his boxing skills. I would rate him as a B level fighter and Broner struggled early with him. Broner could not let go of his punches and let the fight get away. If he does the same with Pacquiao, I can say that Broner will be in trouble since Pacquiao is a volume puncher. One additional motivation for Broner is that if he beats Pacquiao, he knows, as he would say, “become a legend over night” and also likely to have a shot against Floyd Mayweather. Broner knows that this is probably his last opportunity to make good in which he’s failed to do so in the past with other championship opportunities.

Only Adrien Broner stands in the way of a possible Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather rematch

Pacquiao angers opponent Broner after discussing Mayweather at press conference

Pacquiao on the other hand took on a very strong opponent Lucas Matthysse. While some may say he’s washed up, I would say that if Lucas had put up a much better fight than he did, the argument would have been different. Pacquiao looked pretty muscular and fast in that fight. Pacquiao is all business, and while he’s facing Broner, fighting Floyd Mayweather appears to be his main objective for coming over to PBC and continuing to fight. He knows that in order for him to have that opportunity, he must get through Adrien Broner first. With that additional motivation, I think Pacquiao might even knock Broner out.

Pacquiao: I Forgot How Fun Knockouts Are; I Want To KO Broner

Pacquiao vs Broner: Manny Pacquiao aiming for KO in Jan. 19 fight

My Prediction

The bet lines currently have Pacquiao as a favorite and I agree.

My Pick:

Manny Pacquiao, TKO by the 8th Round

Your Picks:

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This Post Has 11 Comments

  1. thatguyr

    Saw the final press conference yesterday and Broner looks ready! He looks hungrier than ever…at the same time Pacman looks so confident and ripped! It’s going to be a great fight! 2 more days to go!

  2. E from jersey

    who’s paying for the ppv? what’s it cost?

    1. joe from misouri

      I think its $75 usd

  3. thatguyr

    Getting a lot of traction on this post, so I decided to add a poll!

  4. Jay

    seems like im the only one that think broner’s gona win here. Broner is hungrier than ever before, pacman is old and will be expose. Just watch

    1. rogelio guiang

      Do not feel bad, Jay. Here, you may be outnumbered but not outfought, the results has yet to come in January 19 and anything could happen. You are right, in fact I agree with your assessment that Broner is a “hungrier” fighter and “pacman is old”. These are valid grounds that puts Broner or any other boxers for that matter in for the challenge. But are you sure you didn’t overlook something?

      Let me comment on this, if you don’t mind: a) Broner is great but can be greater if he deports himself appropriately. However hungry he is, his demeanor outside the ring will somehow show up and influence his performance. b) In his Matthyssee fight, pacman slowed down and gave the impression that he is a washed out boxer. This was methodical I guess, in fact I give credit to his trainers who crafted a plan that would sustain his strength and maximize his power through the 12th round. Noticed how he carefully picked his power punches as he delivered them with intense accuracy? I’ve been following Pacquiao’s training regimen as he prepares for Broner and I’m vastly convinced when he said “I feel stronger and faster now”.

      Exciting, thrilling, triumphant pinnacle achievement or otherwise? Let’s find out in Jan. 19, 2019

      For “Money Weather” what say you? There’s bigger money fighting Pacquiao, maybe 30 times or more than you earned in Japan. The fans are ready, the world is waiting, are you still good and ready to rumble the second time around? Maybe not anymore, ha? Chicken.

  5. Mikey

    Go pacman! lots of good information guys

  6. Rogelio Guiang

    I see that the glass is half full of water. Anything can happen but if Pacman learned a lesson from his previous fight vs Jeff Horn he should shun from under estimating Broner’s capabilities – Adrien is a live wire in the ring, his power is electrifying to the last round like what he showed when he KD Porter in the 12th round of their bout.

    I noticed in Pacman’s most recent press releases that he uncharacteristically expressed his intention to KO Broner. Customarily his trainers/coaches do this to hype the fight but since Pacman made the pronouncement himself, knowing Pacman, he must be cock sure of putting Adrien to dreamland. He learned his lessen – this time I’m not gonna leave the verdict to the judges.

    By the way, if this fight is Pacquiao’s motivation to get a rematch with Mayweather, I’m not certain if he will get it. Remember that Pacquiao never lost in a rematch. Here are three (3) examples of notable fights he lost but won in the second encounter:
    a) Pacquiao lost to Morales in their first encounter but KO’d him in the second and even in their third.
    b) Pacquiao lost to Marquez in their controversial first encounter but took back the crown convincingly in their second encounter.
    c) Pacquiao lost to Bradly in their controversial first encounter but punished Bradley in their second and third encounter.

    If Mayweather is aware of these facts (the world knows Pambansang Kamao won their first fight) he will have strong reservation in giving Pacman a rematch. Shane Mosley said it candidly: Mayweather is scared his no-defeat record might be shattered. Very smart but dishonorable, I guess. Pacman’s New Year’s resolution is progressive, Mayweather’s has it regressive.


    1. thatguyr

      It’s a fair way to look at things since it’s the fight game, anything can happen. Broner (just like Marquez) might have a puncher’s luck. 🙂 The Horn experience left a really bad taste in my mouth, while Pacquiao won that fight, he shouldn’t have been pushed around that easily by a fighter with Horn’s caliber. Very nice conversation!

  7. Jeff K

    Wow glad i found this site! OP and Rogelio’s right on the money here! I think Pacman will prevail and if he doesnt’ time to hang up the gloves!

  8. Rogelio Guiang

    As I make my personal assessment please don’t get me wrong – Broner is a very good and highly qualified challenger, he is not a push-over boxer:
    a) Pacquiao KOs Broner though somewhere in the 8th or 10th round if not in the early rounds. Why do I say this? Assuming that both fighters are in top shape Pacquiao takes the upper hand, because:
    b) Broner is cramming to reduce weight, Pacquiao targets his weak bread basket in the early rounds and the slower Broner farther slows down as fight progresses. On the other hand the well disciplined Pacquiao maintains good stamina despite his age and he will have enough power moving forward to KO Broner. I agree with the idea that Pacquiao will be the first boxer to ever KO Broner.
    c) Broner’s legs are widely spread, his awkward stance renders him inflexible to counter Pacquiao’s in and out, side to side quick foot and head movements. Broner will show up like a junior fighter.
    d) In Broner’s fights with Porter, Maidana, Vargas, and Garcia, his head was very vulnerable to left hand attacks because of his habit of lowering his right hand carelessly during fierce and close encounters – a good recipe for a south paw fighter.
    e) Broner likes to stay in the “pocket”. This weakness is vulnerable to Pacquiao’s fast and strong punches.
    f) Broner’s previous fights in the welterweight divisions were not conclusive enough to warrant a good performance against a well exposed, relentless and motivated legendary fighter like Pacquiao.
    g) Pacquiao is a tested, faster, stronger, smarter and very confident boxer. Broner can run but not hide.
    h) It’s all in the mind: Everytime Pacquiao rises up from his ritual of kneeling-down for prayer before the fight he develops a strong feeling that his Faith has rewarded him a confidence that somehow he will be in good hands and gives him the assurance that he can defeat his opponent, even those that are bigger and in the top-tier category.
    i) Pacquiao’s overwhelming support from his followers during the fight will make him a psychological winner, from the beginning. He will not leave the decision to the judges.
    j) Pacquiao’s long-time trainers/handlers (Donaire Sr., a new addition) who have impeccable coaching records know very well what is best for their marque fighter Pacquiao. I agree though that Broner’s handlers have also good industry records.

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