Mini Treasure Crane Claw Machine Review

The perfect mini-claw machine size!

If you are looking for a mini claw machine that is not too small and not too big, then you have to check out the latest Mini 22″ Treasure Crane Claw Machine!

The Mini Treasure Crane Claw Machine has the feel of a commercial claw machine without the full size and weight. It is only 22-inches wide and 60-inches tall and 180 pounds! Though not exactly light, it’s much easier to move around if you don’t have the help needed to own one.


Information from the Distributor:

This machine features the treasure themed graphic set and is made for those compact locations. Set it has win every time and have it function as an interactive electronic vending machine or set the win ratio to skill play. Go CASHLESS by adding a Nayax Touch credit card reader!¬† This machine does well in any family-friendly environment such as restaurants and movie theaters. The Mini Treasure is built just like the Let it Happen Claw Machine with dual locks for extra security, DBA ready, 2 coin mechanims, 48V Coil, and much more! This is not a toy (however you’re welcome to purchase for your game room).

Standard Features:

  • Wired for both 12V and 110 VAC Bill Acceptors (plug and play)
  • Standard scoop claw
  • LED High Visibility Coin Mechanism
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Credit Card Ready (power)
  • Remote Cash Reporting with Nayax Touch
  • Rear prize drop
  • Wood and metal frame
  • Tempered Glass¬†
  • Features LED Lights and sound
  • Adjustable strength claw or set it up as win every time
  • Dual optical prize detection system
  • Service panel on front of game for easier access
  • Extra Secure Anti-Theft Locking System
  • Dimensions: 22″w x 22″d x 60″h
  • Weight: 180 lbs

Ordering Process from

The order took a few weeks to arrive from Chicago. The ordering process was smooth, was given an approximate time frame and received the shipping notification via email. As long as the machines are in stock, it would be shipped the same week (at least from my experience thus far). 


Shipment & Delivery

The machine arrived pre-stocked with plushies sizes from 5-7 inches. It arrived well packaged and tied down on a pallet making the entire delivery 200lbs. 

The machine arrived in good condition, by Fed-Ex freight. The delivery process would include setting up an appointment for delivery and the duration can vary depending on where you are located. It shouldn’t take more than a week once the claw machine arrives at your local delivery point from their Chicago distribution center. The $249 charge for shipping freight was well worth the investment to ensure that our precious claw machine would arrive safely. This is very important as it’s fragile with lots of glass pieces. I have been pleased with how Fed-ex freight have delivered the claw machines.

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Unboxing the packaging  

The machine arrived on a pallet and was packaged very carefully. There was plenty of bubble wrap and tape to endure the trip. Since the machine is about 180 pounds, and it’s pretty wide (22″), I would highly recommend getting at least two strong individuals to help with the move. The machine was pre-filled with plushies, and they were in a plastic bag, and everything was securely fastened inside.¬†

Check out the video below for the unboxing and more!


Setting up

The setup is straight forward, you would have to cut the plastic ties (make sure not to cut any wires) which keeps the claws from banging around in the machine during travel. You would just have to plug in the power cord and make sure the machine is configured correctly (see video) Рotherwise, it should be ready for gameplay! 


Features & Quality

The mini crane claw machine was very nicely constructed, and has a real commercial arcade look and feel to it. It’s super bright, the controls and gameplay are very smooth.

There’s plenty of options that you be adjusted from the control board. From the win ratio, air-grab feature to the brightness of the led screen and how many coins per play. There are many add-ons that can be purchased with the machine including dollar bill readers etc., see the notes above from the distributor’s information about this claw machine.


Game Play

The game play is very smooth and reliable. We have played over thousands of games so far and not one glitch. This machine definitely has its advantages over anything smaller since it can grab plush dolls from 5-7 inches and has more playing room. The big red button is also a nice addition, and the rear prize chute is a nice design feature. 


Final Thoughts

The Mini Treasure Crane Claw machine has been one of my favorite machines to own.¬† It doesn’t take up a whole lot of space and even though it’s a bit short, it does offer the feel of a true claw machine. This is a great middle ground for anyone seeking a mid-size claw machine but doesn’t really have the space for one.¬†

This has been a great addition for my arcade room and has been a big hit for all my friends and family who visit. 

This would be our second claw machine purchase from Candy Machines. So far everyone we’ve spoken to has been honest and helpful. Kevin gets a special shoutout for being supportive whenever we call!

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