NordicTrack®x11i Incline Trainer Review

NordicTrack's x11i Incline Trainer Review. Find out what makes it one of the best treadmills in 2020! Burn up to 5x the calories.

nordictrack x11i incline trainer review
Nordiatrack x11i Incline Trainer

In this Nordictrack x11i Incline Trainer Review, we’ll take a look at one of the best treadmill in 2020 between $2,000 to $3,000. When we think of treadmills, we normally think of a flat running belt. The NordicTrack x11i Incline Trainer is much more than that. It offers up to 40% incline and -6% decline, which will allow you to burn more calories at a faster rate compared to a flat running surface treadmill.

It adds versatility and challenge to your workout like never before. The added feature of an incline trainer has become popular than ever. It allows for more calories to burn in less time with less impact and stress to your muscles and joints. 

Between the original x11i Incline Trainer and the updated Commerical x11i Treadmill, they are high-quality equipment made for casuals and those serious about working out. Not to be confused, their both the same model with the Commercial version, being the latest release with minor modifications.

We have owned the NordicTrack x11i Incline Trainer since 2016 and use it frequently. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the machine and provide you information that will help you decide if the NordicTrack Commercial x11i Treadmill is for you!

Let’s dive into the review!

Why is the X11i Incline Trainer one of the best equipment today?

nordictrack x11i incline trainer review
iFit - running virtually at different locations around the world
  • Working out at an incline or decline. You can find yourself burning more calories in lesser amount of time.  The incline is adjustable up to an amazing 40 degrees, and a decline of 6 degrees. This will burn up to five times the amount compared to the traditional treadmill workout.
  • Keeps you Entertained for longer workouts.
    • The iFit Coach is one of the coolest features on any workout equipment. You can virtually run or walk anywhere in the world. The x11i Incline Trainer can adjust to the natural terrain of your location.  
    • With Wi-Fi capabilities, you are able to watch YouTube, surf the web, read e-mails,  or virtualize your running journey on the full color 10″ touchscreen. 
    • There are 44 built-in workout apps and programs to keep you challenged and focused.
    • Built-in auxiliary music port so you can listen to your own music and train to your favorite songs.

What other features does the X11i Incline Trainer include?

The x11i Incline Trainer has so many great features that will allow you to workout more seamlessly.  

nordictrack x11i incline trainer review
Control Panel for the NordicTrack x11i Incline
  • 4.25 CHP Motor. This is the continuous duty motor that measures the minimum horsepower at all points during a run. For reference, 2.5 to 3.0 is considered adequete for those who run often.
  • Large Walking Surface Belt of 22″ x 60 ” with low noise output of 70 – 80 db. This will allow you to enjoy your workout without feeling like you’re off track and keeps you focused without any distracting noise. 
  • Two adjustable fans with 5 settings in the front to keep you cool.
  • Safety key to ensure you’re “safe” and can clip onto your clothes should you fall off track.
  • Two large storage areas for cell phones, large water bottles etc.,
  • Heart Rate Monitors which is utilized with the chest strap and handle grips. It’s a great way to keep track of how your doing while working out. 
  • Large Support Handles are great for when you’re running and especially inclining. You’re have a comfort feeling when going to the extremes on the X11i Incline trainer.
  • Wide range of speed, 0.1 to 10 miles per hour.

OK, not everything is perfect. What are some of the negatives?

Since nothing’s perfect, here are the things that should be noted.

  • Unfoldable. The treadmill is pretty large and will need a dedicated space. It is also heavy requiring at least two people to move it. Luckily there are wheels below when tilt, to help with moving it around.
  • Shaky when running at high speeds. This is not a big deal, since not everyone can keep at very high speeds for long. However, there is noticable shaking when running at very high speeds.
  • iFit program will require a subscription. Though there are plenty to do without the subscription. 1 year is free with the new NordicTrack x11i Incline Trainer. 

Technical Info


  • Height: 72.2”
  • Width: 39.6”
  • Length: 71.6”
  • Max user weight limit: 300 lbs


  • Frame: 10 year
  • Parts: 2 years
  • Labor: 1 year 

Customer Service Experience

NordicTrack's x11i Incline Trainer Review
Screen glitch at the bottom
NordicTrack's x11i Incline Trainer Review treadmill_belt
Belt misaligned

A week after receiving the treadmill, we encountered two problems.  Luckily we had purchase their extended premium support service. We contacted them immediately to report the following two issues:

  1. The running belt was loose and since it was our first treadmill, we needed a technician to come on-site to tighten it.
  2. The monitor had a bad glitch

After calling IconFitness, they sent out the parts without any hassel. However, getting a technician out to the site took much longer than expected. Once he was onsite, the repair was quick and easy.

Then next two years later, we had another issue with the belt. We had to get the rollers replaced. When the parts arrived, we scheduled for a technician to come back onsite. We experienced the same issue. The technician seemed to be backlogged and took a several weeks before he was onsite to make the repair.

We did complain to their manager and they were very apologetic. So from this experience, I conclude that we would have been in much worse position if we didn’t have the premium support service. At the end of the day, the problem was resolved so I would recommend purchasing the higher level support service if you can.

Product Durability

The NordicTrack x11i Incline Trainer is very durable. It definitely gets a lot of miles and abuse from everyone that uses in the last five years now. It’s still operating very well and aside from usual maintenance, it has not given us any major problems yet.

Nordictrack x11i Incline Trainer Review Final Thoughts

The NordicTrack x11i Incline Trainer is one of the best fitness equipment we’ve owned. It’s used frequently and continues to keep everyone healthy and entertained. It’s priced fairly, and is very comparable to treadmills seen at the gyms. 

With every workout, whether it’s a short slow walk to a HITT session, you’re definately getting what you need with the NordicTrack x11i.

The price tag does not justify the return we get from using it. It offers great customer support, and with an equipment that has high usage, it’s well worth it in the long “run”. If you’re looking for a treadmill, it’s worth checking out the NordicTrack x11i Incline Trainer. It is one of the best incline treadmills in the market!

NordicTrack x11i Incline Trainer  –  TGR Score: 4.5 out of 5

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    I think NordicTrack has come a long way, glad to see them keeping up with the latest technological advances. I’m thinking of the x11i incline trainer too, but might have to wait til it goes on sale perhaps black friday or xmas!

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