Pop-A-Shot Dual Shot Basketball Arcade Game Review

Pop A Shot Basketball Review

Pop A Shot Basketball is one of the best home basketball arcade available. This home basketball arcade has been one of the attractions when we have guests over, especially parties and get together. Read why it’s one of the best home basketball arcade.

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Official Pop-A-Shot Home Dual Shot

Pop-A-Shot, which created the arcade basketball game, introduces its revolutionary and fully interactive Home Dual Shot. Constructed from high-grade 1 ½” steel tubing powder-coated to reduce rusting, extra-thick backboard and durable nylon ramp, the Home Dual Shot can withstand years of frequent use. An easily accessible panel controls the 10 different games and 6 audio options, providing almost limitless choices for years of fun play.

  • THE ULTIMATE BASKETBALL ARCADE GAME: From the pioneers that created the original Pop-A-Shot basketball game comes the completely redesigned Home Dual Shot with revolutionary technology and multiple game options.
  • 10 INDIVIDUAL GAMES: Featuring 10 different games and six audio options, the Home Dual Shot provides interactive game play for hours.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Made from sturdy 1 ½” steel tubes with a powder coating to eliminate rusting and chipping and a thick nylon ramp, the Home Dual Shot can withstand continual use for years. The frame and backboard are much thicker and sturdier than those of most other basketball arcade games.
  • INCREDIBLY ACCURATE: Using proprietary infrared sensors, the Home Dual Shot scoring system is nearly 100% accurate. A large, three-digit scoreboard and audio jack to power external speakers enhance game play.
  • MULTIPLE SIZE & MOBILITY OPTIONS: The height of the game can be configured for multiple settings and different-sized ceilings. The game is also powered by battery or AC adapters and has wheels, making transportation easy.

Pop A Shot Basketball Review

I picked up the Pop-A-Shot Home Dual Shot Arcade last Christmas when shopping around for new additions to my game room. It had many great reviews on Amazon roughly 4.5 stars out of 500+ reviews.

What prompted me to pick the Pop-A-Shot Home Dual Shot Arcade was based on a few criteria which included:

  • Metal steel or something with solid rims and sturdy frame
  • Within the $200-300 price range
  • 4+ star ratings
  • Arcade feature with realistic sounds and games
  • Comes with basketball

The Pop A Shot Basketball Review.

Assembly – 5/5

The Pop-A-Shot Home Dual Shot Aracde assembly was very simple and straight forward. There were several 1 ½” steel tubing used for framing and also adjusting the height. It was a matter of just connecting them and snapping them in place.

The backboard and LED score board/control was easy to connect together.

The toughest part would be pulling the nylon cloth to ensure it’s wrapped around the tubes so it serves as the ramp.

For me, hanging the backboard was difficult because I did it by myself. For anyone with an additional hand, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Quality – 5/5

I have to admit I was impressed with the overall quality of the Pop-A-Shot Home Dual Shot Aracde.

The 1 ½” steel tubing powder-coated was very nice, and the pin that snaps and connect each tube was very durable. You can even adjust the height from 82″ (7 feet) to 94″ (9 feet) tall. The only thing is you would have to remove the nylon ramp and screws to adjust the height each time.

The overall frame was engineered nicely, while not heavy but very fun to shoot and easy to move and store away.

I also found the nylon fabric used to act as the ramp was very durable and easy to wash.

The backboard was heavier than expected and thick. This made backboard shots feel more realistic and you can shoot backboard shots all day without having to worry that it’s going to break.

The basketball are 7″ mini balls. I would have much prefer the regular size basketball. Either way, it doesn’t take away the fun factor. The balls feel just as real, but doesn’t have the level of bounce to it. It’s made for shooting and rolling down the ramp.

The best home basketball arcade.

Even the motion sensors were pretty accurate. I would give it a 90-95% accuracy rating based on our game play for the past year.

One of my favorite features of the Pop-A-Shot Home Dual Shot Aracde would be the thick metal rims. Last thing you want is to shoot the ball and have it bend the rim. We have all experienced them at one point or another with cheap plastic rims.

Replay Value – 5/5

I cannot tell you how many times I would walk down to the basement thinking to grab something really quick and end up spending more time than intended. I would get caught up shooting a balls every time I walk by. 

Due to the quality and construction of the Pop-A-Shot Home Dual Shot Aracde, it’s replay value is very high. The Pop-A-Shot Home Dual Shot Aracde has 10 different games with 6 audio option making game play very fun and realistic.

Pop A Shot Basketball control panel.

One minor flaw would go against the velcro straps used to keep the nylon ramp in place. It tends to get detached overtime and I ended up tying the two velcro straps together to ensure the balls do not bounce outside the ramp and netted area.

Price – 5/5

The Pop-A-Shot Home Dual Shot Aracde is not the most affordable option in the market but I truly believe you’ll get the most out of your money for it. For the price I paid, I was not expecting the quality to be where it is. 

Customer Service – 5/5

I had to contact the Pop-A-Shot Home Dual Shot customer service due to the sensors not reacting fast enough. It was about 80-85% accurate when shooting the ball. It was as simple as sending an email explaining the situation and no questions asked, they sent a replacement sensor the following day. 

Pop A Shot Basketball Review Final Thoughts

I gave the Pop-A-Shot Home Dual Shot Aracde a 5 out of 5 rating based on everything I’ve mentioned above.  I believe that the Pop-A-Shot Home Dual Shot Arcade has a high replay value and very durable to last a long time. This alone makes it worth the money, especially if you enjoy shooting hoops.

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Pop-A-Shot Official Home Dual Shot Basketball Arcade Game

Pop A Shot Basketball Review

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