Praying Doesn’t Work but it DOES

Prayer is a game changer

It may seem as though praying doesn’t work, but praying to God means more than you think.

Prayer is a blessing from God. Prayer is free and a gift that doesn’t have a shelf-life.

With prayer, it makes anything impossible possible.

God has given us many chances for us to speak to him, and we can do this through prayers.

When things are going well, we often forget about him. When things are tough, is when most will remember him.

God is forgiving, and merciful and he will listen no matter what.

Many of us might say, “God never responds” or “I pray and nothing ever happens“. But if you stop for a moment and listen, God speaks to us many times throughout the day and in many forms.

The problem is that we talk and don’t spend any time listening. We do not give him a chance to respond. Prayer shouldn’t end once we’re done talking, that should be the beginning. Don’t treat praying like it’s a task, or chore.

Instead, take a moment to stop and listen to him.  Start by giving quiet time for God during prayer.

Try meditation, while practicing your faith. Not only does it give time for yourself but also opens up doors with God.

We are often too busy and get caught up with our lives that we forget about him.

Prayer is a game changer and can change things.

Praying to God is a game changer.

For those who are successful, believe that you would have been much more successful if you’d pray.

Anyone who thinks praying doesn’t work, pray and have faith.

Those who are lost and is in need of answers, just pray.

Prayer is a game changer and will change your life.

Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.” – Mathew 7:7

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