Radiant BSA2400 1-2 Person Hemlock Ceramic Infrared Sauna

The Radiant Sauna is one of the best home sauna!

One of the main reasons why people may use a sauna is its many health benefits. Weight loss is one of them and the Radiant Saunas are saunas good for weight loss. We’ll take a closer look at one of their best lower priced models in this Radiant Sauna BSA2400 review.

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Manufacturer Description

Radiant Saunas are perfect for relaxing, rejuvenating and improving overall health, right in the comfort of your own home. Our saunas utilize the latest in infrared heat technology emitting ultra-low levels of EMF, making them safe and beneficial to your health. The infrared waves penetrate the body, providing soothing relief for aches, pains and tension. Perspiration helps remove harmful toxins deep in your pores, while increased blood circulation brings fresh nutrients to the surface. Spending just 30 minutes in a Radiant Sauna can also burn up to 600 calories. Buy now and begin enjoying the benefits of a Radiant Sauna today! Radiant Saunas are backed by CE, CETL, RoHS and ISO 9001 certifications, internationally recognized seals of quality, safety, and professional manufacturing. 7-year Limited Warranty, 5 year heating & electronics, 1 year radio

The Radiant Sauna Review Begins

If you’re shopping around for a sauna is within the $800 to $1,000 price range for your home or office, then you should consider the Radiant Sauna BSA2400.

If you have a bit more budget for a 2-person sauna, we would recommend checking out the Dynamic “Luxuary” 2-person sauna.

It is a known fact that Sauna usage is known to promote health benefits and having one at your fingertips will offer you flexibility, and privacy factors which you won’t’ get at your local gym or spa.  

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For this review, we’ll cover the details for the Radiant Sauna BSA2400. We have spent on average 45-to 60-minute sessions 4 to 5 times a week for the past 12 months.

Packaging and Shipment

The Radiant Sauna BSA2400 was readily available on Amazon for $900ish the time we purchased it in the December 2019 time-frame. It took about two weeks to arrive once scheduled with the shipping carrier. The Radiant Sauna BSA2400 arrived on a freight truck in three large boxes. The three boxes were heavy requiring at least two people to move it. The transaction was smooth and quick.

The Radiant Sauna BSA2400 boxes arrived in good condition. Each piece was carefully packaged in plastic wraps and styrofoam blocks. The packing material were plenty, which can fill up 4 large trash bags and this does not include the boxes and cardboard pieces.

Installation & Instruction Manual

Inside the box were all the pieces required for assembly. For the most part, the individual panes were all labeled making the installation process smoother. The instruction manual was standard and was easy to follow. It took approximately 3 hours with two people to put together. The parts were mainly large pieces making the installation simpler.

One thing to note are the side clamps for the four large side panels. To ensure the clamps are secure and even, you must make sure the large panes sit on top of the bottom pane with no gaps to be able to close the clamps. In our case, we had to try several times to be able to close the clamps and ended up with a bit of unevenness. Even so, it was very secure, and the walls were stable and not movable.

This could have been just the unit we received with a bad clamp, but in this video you can see it didn’t affect the integrity or at least it didn’t appear so. The entire panels were tightly joined even without this clamp tightened.

Radiant Sauna Review

  • 3 Ceramic heaters which 2 are placed on the back and 1 under the seating area.
  • Plug and Play, no special electrical wiring is needed. Once setup, you can plug it into the wall and you’re good to go! It just requires 120 volts / 15 amp power which is standard in most homes in the states.
  • 141 degrees, the product advertises that it can reach up to 141 degrees with 1050 watts. This is about the standard for most of the infrared saunas. It takes about 30 minutes for the sauna to reach about 120 degrees and mainly hovers around the 130-135 degrees mark. Seldomly did the Radiant Sauna hit the 139 to 140 mark.
  • LED Control panels are very simple to use and were accessible in-and-outside of the sauna.
  • 2-person seating, and barely fits two adults comfortably! You’ll be sitting on a 33-inch-wide bench and there will be little wiggle room.
  • Sound system, aside from some of the installation pains, the sound quality is pretty good! The audio system includes the radio, CD player and your aux input from your phone.
  • Magazine Rack makes it easy for you to store your reading material.
  • Backed by CE, CETL, RoHS and ISO 9001 certifications: internationally recognized seals of quality, safety, and professional manufacturing.
  • Warranty, 7-year limited warranty on wood structure, 5-year heating & electronics, 1-year radio
  • Indoor Use only

Product Specification

Product Dimensions

35.8 x 35.2 x 75 inches

Item Weight

250 pounds

Shipping Weight

261 pounds


Blue Wave Products

Performance and Construction Quality

The Radiant Sauna BSA2400 is made of Canadian Hemlock wood. The Canadian Hemlock wood is an exceptional option which offers antimicrobial properties in resisting mold and mildew. It’s also efficient in insulating and retaining heat. The Canadian Hemlock wood had a nice smell when the sauna is turned on. One thing noticeable regarding the Hemlock wood is that it’s soft, when tightening the screws, you want to be careful to not overtighten or you will crack the wood.

Frame – The wooden frame was sturdy and heavy. No complaints here.

Glass door – The glass door was easy to open and close. Nothing out of the norm here to note.

Seating Bench – The bench is about 17.7” deep, and 33” wide, which is enough room for two average size adults who will be knee-to-knee. For most home saunas advertising for 1-2 persons will have similar dimensions. Aside from not be able to have much wiggle room for two people, the bench is sturdy.  For 1 person, you can at least put your feet up on the bench when turning to your side.

Ceramic Heaters – The Radiant Sauna BSA2400 heaters worked very well, and the backing allowed just enough space where you’re not burned. It does get hot and within 15 minutes you’ll start breaking a sweat at 100+ degrees.

One thing to note is since the heaters are placed in the back of the sauna, you’ll notice some unevenness in the front if you move out of the heating zone. This is to be expected with just 3 heaters. If money is not an issue, I would recommend an upgrade sauna which includes 6 Carbon heaters. Otherwise, the Radiant Sauna BSA2400 will be your best bang for your buck sauna and will give you the benefits from using the sauna.

Audio System

As you can see in the photo, the audio system did not feel tight enough that I had to put in additional screw to ensure it does not fall on my head while sitting there. While it might have stayed secure, it felt safer to have an extra screw to support it.

The Audio system has its own power source which you can control on the inside and independent from the LED Control Panel. The sound quality was surprisingly good with no complaints.

LED Control Panel

The LED control panel is accessible on both sides, in and outside. This made it very convenient to adjust the temperature and lighting. It’s very intuitive and simple to use.


The timer is configured to shut down the sauna once the session is complete. The maximum is 60 minutes, but you can increase the minutes once it’s below 60 minutes.


The temperature settings start around the 60-degree mark and can go up to 140 degrees.


The light can be controlled on the outside and inside. The lighting was bright enough, and looks about 5000k, which is white light.

Radiant Sauna BSA2400 Review Final Thoughts

As you can tell from this Radiant sauna review, the BSA2400 is a great option for the home and considerably one of the best home saunas out there. It’s priced just right since it does not come with all the bells and whistles which other saunas in the $1,500+ price tag has. It already has very high ratings on Amazon and other retailers from other buyers. When shopping around for a sauna, the Radiant Sauna BSA2400 was the only option that was the most affordable yet has 4 to near 5-star ratings and was a wooden setup. Overall, we’re happy with this purchase and would recommend the Radiant Sauna BSA2400 for anyone looking for a basic sauna for the home or office.

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