Repair a Sinking Concrete Walkway

The Discovery

We discovered after two years of the pathway installation that it was starting to collapse and the surrounding soil and mulch was starting to wash away leaving a 6-8″ drop. Even the stress was noticeable from the hairline crack near the center of the concrete block.

We knew we had to take immediate action or else further damage was to take place. Taking a look beneath the pathway, we discovered there was a big gap below with absolutely no support.

We had a quote which came in somewhere in the $600-800 range for a new concrete walkway, and this took into account the nearby steps that required additional attention to ensure it does not affect the structural integrity.

After further evaluation, the condition of the walkway was not that serious so we could just provide some structural support beneath. Otherwise, we could have replaced the entire walkway or “Slab-jacking”

Quick Explanation of Slab-Jacking: A method to level the concrete walkway which requires solid knowledge in concrete mixtures and machinery. It would be a mixture of pond sand and concrete to fill the holes (drilled) into the concrete walkway until it starts leveling.

Home Depot & Lowes trip

Without hesitation, we went straight to Home Depot and picked up 16 bags of all-purpose stone (40 lbs each) which costs $3.88 per bag and some mulch.

Then a second trip to Lowes for top soil since it was closer to our home and grabbed 20 bags of top soil for $1 a bag (40 lbs) and some more mulch.

Total cost: $119.77 (including taxes)

Beginning the Work

The work began with myself and a buddy who was really good with handy work. We started by placing a large rock in the center to create some solid foundation and started to pour the stones underneath from both sides packing it so there’s no more space and holes.

It took a total of 14 bags of stones to get the job done.

Here’s how it looks with top soil, which took 12 bags to level the ground to the concrete pathway.


With a little bit of patience, it was finally done. It took us just a little longer to pick up the materials than the work itself. Overall, we spent about 4 hours which 2.5 hours was for material pickup and delivery and 1.5 hours for the work and clean up.

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  1. Tristan Stewart

    I really appreciate you giving some exact costs that you paid so that I know what to expect. My wife and I have noticed that our sidewalk is starting to sink it’s dangerous to walk on. I’ll try to find some professional help that can fix this issue for us so that nobody gets hurt.

    1. thatguyr

      Thanks for stopping by, best of luck on your new project!

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