Replaced my Bestway Rectangular Swimming Pool with Intex Round

Both Intex and Bestway are great above ground swimming pools!

So why switch?

The Bestway Steel Pro pool was a great above ground swimming pool and has lasted several years. It was a great option for much smaller children since the swimming pool was not too deep. However, we needed an upgrade to something wider and deeper that would fit in our desired location. Keep in mind we had about 12 feet by 12 feet to work with. 

After weeks of research, we have settled with a 10 foot round framed swimming pool since allowed for maximum space occupancy for our situation. This would allow ample walking space around the pool and we could add a ladder as needed. While shopping, we wanted to stick to brands that were reputable and found Intex, and Bestway were the few that we trust. The three main criteria when selecting the swimming pool was frame, dimension and price. We ended up picking the Intex Prism 10 foot swimming pool.

Below are some of the details around our thought process when shopping for our next swimming pool.

Bestway vs Intex

The immediate comparison is that both brands are equally good. You will find that both brand are reputable for above ground swimming pools and will give you the best run for your money. 

Round verses Rectangular Swimming Pool

Based on my findings, the rectangular pools tend to be a bit more narrow, but make up in width. The round pools are slightly deeper (1-2″) and are generally wider.

Frame verses Easy Set Pools

The Easy Set pools of 10 foot size were much deeper. We found the Easy Set pools that have 36″ height, whereas, the framed pools at 30″. 

We settled with the framed above ground swimming pools because it was more sturdy. From our experience, we also did not want to continue blowing up the Easy Set rings whenever it deflates. The kids will often lean against the rings and this would let water out.

Final Thoughts

The kids are happy and so are we. Though the upgrade isn’t so dramatic, it does make a difference which can last another 2-3 years. The kids had friends over the weekend, and with this slight upgrade, it was able to accommodate two more people without a problem. 

Quick Comparison Intex Prism Round Pool vs Bestway Steel Pro Rectangular Pool

  • The Intex® Prism Frame pool water volume is 1,185 gallons (90%), compared to 872 gallons (90%).
  • The Intex® Prism Frame pool height is 30″, compared to 26″. Though Bestway listed the height to be 26″, we were only able to fill it to approximately 22″, whereas the Intex Pool allowed to be filled to about 28″.
  • Durability appears to be comparable. Frames are both constructed equally with powder coating.  
  • The pool linen are also comparable.
  • Price are about the same, though Intex may be a few dollars more depending on where you purchase the product.

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