Round or Diamond Bubble Shaped Solar Pool Cover?

Round or Diamond Solar covers for pools - which is better?

If you’ve looked enough, you’ll realize there are two main kinds of air bubble shapes when it comes to Solar Pool covers. Round or diamond solar covers for pools are the two choices.

The secret to solar pool heating covers is simply the bubble air pockets. They allow for sunlight to penetrate and store the heat. The heat is then transmitted as it lays on top of the water.

Now what’s all the fuss about the round and diamond bubble shapes? Does it matter which one? In short, the answer is yes, it depends on what your preference is. While all solar pool cover does a great job keeping the pool as warm as they can, there are differences to each kind.

So let’s quickly get into the subject at hand.

Round Bubble Shape

Round Bubble Solar Pool Covers are the most common ones out there. They are generally more affordable compared to the diamond shaped pool covers since there are less air pockets per space.

The pros of the round bubble shaped solar pool cover is that its easier to remove from the swimming pool. When removing then, you’re less likely to pull water off with it.

Diamond Bubble Shape

Diamond bubble shaped solar pool covers are likely to be a bit more expensive compared to its bubble shaped counterpart. This is due to the amount of air bubbles on the diamond shaped pool covers

This is the advantage the diamond shaped air bubbles have over the round ones. There are less spaces between each air bubbles allowing for better coverage on heating the swimming pool.

However, this will also mean when removing the pool cover, more water will be removed as its attached to the cover. This will require topping off the water and this would offset the benefit of water evaporation. 

Price Checks

Check them out!
round or diamond solar covers for pools
Blue Wave Solar Blanket
round or diamond solar covers for pools
Robelle Blue Solar Cover Heating Blanket (Blue Diamond)
round or diamond solar covers for pools
Sun2Solar Solar Cover Heating Blanket (Clear Round)
round or diamond solar covers for pools

Sun2Solar Solar Cover Heating Blanket (Blue Round)

So which is better? Round or diamond solar covers for pools?

This will depend on your situation and personal preference. In a nutshell, diamond bubbles will provide better heating coverage since they are spaced much closer, but will also cause you to lose more water as you remove the cover. This will require water top off, which may be cold water if it’s directly from the water faucet or hose. (A solar pool heater can help reduce the drastic water temp change)

As for round air bubble shapes will offer great heating effect, and a bit cheaper. It just would require a bit more attention to allow for better heating the pool.

Another thing to keep in mind is to consider the different levels for the solar pool covers. There may be say an 800 series which is a lower-end cover compared to the 1600 series. The quality in terms of thickness will be the reason for the cost. The heavier and higher quality, will keep the water from easily evaporating and also prevents the wind from blowing it off the swimming pool.

Either way, having a solar pool cover is better than not having any. A recommendation is to have it paired with a Solar Pool Heater to manage any drastic water temperature swings. The Solar Pool Heater can house a few gallons and push out warmer water.

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