Shatter SX-7 Revolution – MuscleTech Review

Manufacturer Description:

Shatter™ SX-7® Revolution is a pre-workout formula that will give you the explosive energy to achieve better performance, resulting in superior workouts, which means you feel good about your gym session every time. Just like you, it focuses on getting the job done – only with the power of science and technology backing the formula and delivery. If you’ve got a goal in mind, we’ll help you shatter your personal bests.

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My Review

The Shatter™ SX-7® Revolution is definitely not for the faint of heart. It comes in powdered form and in many flavors! 

My review is based on my personal experience and completing two cycles in two different flavors (Miami Spring Break and Gummy Worm). 

I have been a gym junkie since my high school days and I have tried many workout supplements so my body is pretty immune to stimulants. 

Tastes –  4/5

No complaints here, it tastes very good, both Miami Spring Break and Gummy Worm. It can be served once mixed with 14 oz of cold water. The full serving is 1 full scoop.

Energy Levels and Effectiveness – 4/5

I found Shatter™ SX-7® Revolution to be very effective. In the first 15-20 minutes I experienced a quick boost of energy and high level of focus. The feeling lasted about 45 minutes. 

I did notice I was able to push a bit harder and definitely longer while using Shatter™ SX-7® Revolution.  

Side Effects

I have noticed that Shatter™ SX-7® Revolution is very strong and can cause nausea if taken in high dosage. I can describe the feeling like a crash almost. Once the pre-workout effects subside, you’ll notice your energy levels just flatten out.

With that being said, I would start off with half dosage to assess tolerance and then increase as needed. 

For someone with my profile, who’s taken supplements for many years, it would take a bit for my body to respond this way. I didn’t have any stomach issues, and drinking plenty of water throughout the day helps.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Shatter™ SX-7® Revolution is very effective but should be used moderately until tolerance can be assessed. It has great tastes, and energy levels should last throughout your workouts. 

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