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The GAME SolarPro is the best solar pool heater in its price range. I have spent a good week researching for a decent pool heater that isn’t going to break my wallet. The most affordable option was a solar pool cover and/or a solar pool heater that is compatible with an Intex and Bestaway Above Ground Swimming Pool. The GAME SolarPro Curve Pool Heater was a popular choice among many home pool owners.

We have about a 872 gallon swimming pool, and water temperature fluctuates often since the summer nights are cool. Our thin plastic pool cover isn’t enough to maintain drastic water temperature swings, so we’d lose a few decent swimming days for sure. 

After much research, we settled with the GAME SolarPro Curve Pool Heater due to cost and the description of its purpose seems to fit the bill. 

Without further ado, let’s dive into the details and the review of the product!

Solar Pool Heater Review


The GAME SolarPro Curve Pool Heater came in a box as seen above. The box included two pool hose, connectors, solar heater and manual. Wasn’t heavy to move around, the box weighed about 18 pounds.  

Material Quality

The GAME SolarPro Curve Pool Heater is a simple piece of equipment. It’s made of strong plastic and clear acrylic sheet with two holes for the hose connecting to the pool filter. The clear acrylic sheet is made of cheap material, and flimsy. For its purpose, it just acts as a cover for the solar heater when out in the sun.

The GAME SolarPro Curve Pool Heater had leaking issues that were resolved by tightening the metal hose clamps, which were included.

My biggest complaint about the GAME SolarPro Curve Pool Heater are the two plastic hose. They were too short, and that would limit where you could get the best sun exposure. We had to purchase a 12 foot hose to be able to extend it past the pool, which helped a great deal.

Note: Depending on your hose outlet, make sure you’re getting the right size or else you’ll need additional fittings. 

Tiki Island Pool Express 1.25" x 12' ft Pump Filter Connection Flex Hose

Tiki Isaldn Pool Pump filter flex hose.

Game SolarPro Curve Pool Heater Details

Dimensions: 27.56 x 5.91 x 44.88

Setting up the Game SolarPro Curve Pool Heater

Before the metal clamp, flex hose.
Missing Metal Clamp (picture only)

Assembly, does not require any electricity or gas. You can adjust the legs height for maximum sun exposure and weighs about 12.50 pounds when empty.

The setup was simple enough, connecting two hose on each ends of the solar pool heater. The pool filter will be positioned in the middle between both hose connections to allow water to pass through the solar pool heater before it gets back into the pool. 

You will spend more time trying to fix a leak if you had any. The solution was to make sure the hose was completely snugged in and tighten the metal hose clamps until the dripping stopped.  We did find that we had to do this each time we moved the heater since the metal clamps would loosen up. 

Metal Hose clamps that can be purchased for the pool hose.
Metal Hose Clamps - 40 pcs
Another option for metal hose clamps. Metal Hose Clamps - 6 pcs


The GAME SolarPro Curve Pool Heater performs best when there’s sun out and it has been sitting out in the sun long enough.   

The design is simply pushing out water through the plastic water container. The GAME SolarPro Curve Pool Heater stores about 5 gallons of water.

That’s basically what Solar Pool Heaters are. There’s no electricity or gas, and solely dependent on the sun’s natural heat.

They are made of strong plastic, and contains a certain gallon of water. When the water container is out in the sun long enough, the container will be hot. Any water that passes through the container will be warmer than receiving water directly from the garden hose. 

The pool filter helps push existing pool water through the water container to heat up the existing water.

The advertisement is that it will raise the pool 4 degrees for every 8,000 gallons. Since our pool is about 800 gallons, we noticed a difference when its warm outside. The pool was usable in 70 degree weather, whereas, without the solar pool heater, it had to be in the low-80’s to be usable. 

Background Heading

About Our Swimming Pool Setup

Intex Krystal Clear Pool Filter.

Intex Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter Pump for Above Ground Pools, 1000 GPH Pump Flow Rate

Puzzle exercise mat for pool flooring.

BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mat, Interlocking Tiles

Pump filter connection flex hose.

Tiki Island Pool Express 1.25" x 12' ft Pump Filter Connection Flex Hose

Bestway Steel Pro Above Ground Pool.

Bestway 56498E Steel Pro Above Ground Pool

118" x 79" x 26"


SolarPro Curve Pool Heater

Sun2Solar Cover Heating Blanket.

Sun2Solar Solar Cover Heating Blanket

Pool skimmer for small debris and bugs.

Bucket Lidz Pool Skimmer - for small debris/bugs

Leaf rake fine mesh net for swimming pools.

Heavy Duty Pool Leaf Rake Fine Mesh Frame Net/Swimming Pool Cleaning Leaf Skim Net

Clorox Chlorinating tablets.

Clorox Pool & Spa XtraBlue Chlorinating Tablets

Cclear Pool Chlorine Floater.

Cclear Pool Chlorine Floater

Final Thoughts on the BEST SOLAR POOL HEATER

Overall, the GAME SolarPro Curve Pool Heater was a good purchase. Comparing to other ones in the market, which practically does the same thing for a bit cheaper. If you cannot afford a gas or electric pool heater, you should consider a Solar Pool Heater with a Solar Pool Cover. 

One thing to note, the legs are less durable and can easily break off if bent the opposite direction. Both of the legs on our solar pool heater broke, but was still able to use it by putting the legs right under it. The legs broke from our carelessness, but at the same time didn’t expect it to be that easy to break.

As long as your expectations are realistic, obviously, you won’t get a drastic water temperature change in one day. If the conditions are right, you’ll be able to get a few more swimming days than without a Solar Pool heater of any kind.

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Quick TGR Review Summary

What I like

  • Easy setup
  • Light to move around
  • Affordable
  • Pool water is warmer than without it

What I don’t like

  • The hose is that is included is too short

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