Sunny Health Step Machine Review (SF-1115)

Sunny Health Step Machine review - One of the hottest gym equipment in 2020!

In this Sunny Health Step Machine review, I’ll give you my honest and non-biased feedback. So let’s get started!

Manufacturer Description

Step into the right path with Sunny Health and Fitness SF-1115 Folding Climbing Stepper! Affordable, calorie-blasting, and body sculpting workout enables you to perform both cardio and muscle toning all in the comfort of your own home. The stair climbing machine works your gluteus maximus, hamstrings, quads and core muscle groups at the same time, maximizing your time! Traditional steppers have two platforms, or pedals, where you place your feet. As you push one foot plate down, the other foot plate will rise, only putting to work one leg at a time. With this Climbing Stepper each pedal works independently working both legs and core at the same time.

  • Monitor: time, count, calories burned, total count, and scan
  • 12 resistance levels
  • Up/down step motion
  • Warranty: 1 year structural frame 180 days other parts and components
  • Product dimensions: 27L X 16.7W X 53.8H in
  • Folded dimensions: 20.5L x 16.7W x 58H in
  • Ship weight: 35.4 lb
  • Ship dimensions: 45L X 8.5W X 18H in
  • 220 lb. weight capacity
  • Dual hydraulic cylinders
  • Slim/lightweight design

User Manual: SF1115 Instructions

LATEST Sunny Health Step Machine Review!

In recent weeks, many US states have started to enforce closing of non-essential business. For me, that affects my daily gym routine and restricted to working from home. 

For that very reason, I decided to shop around for a stepper machine which would be an alternative to what i was accustomed to at the gym.

I searched on Amazon and found many steppers but the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-1115 caught my attention. The three main criteria in my search were:

  1. It had to be affordable, with a $100-300 price range.
  2. There has to be handle bars similar to the ones a the gym. I have seen a few steppers that does not have handle bars and comes with bands.
  3. The stepper has to provide deep strides simulating going up the steps.

I believe the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-1115 certainly fits the bill and I was not disappointed. 

Having seen of the impressive rating out of 632 reviews, and the attractive price, I immediately placed the order. To my surprise, the machine was very low on stock and it showed there were only a few left.

It took nearly three weeks before receiving my Sunny Health Stepper and I was thrilled.  


The packaging was flawless. It came with enough foam, and was wrapped up nicely. You’ll need a pair of scissors to cut the plastic ties. Sunny Health & Fitness did a solid job making sure their products doesn’t get damaged on your way to your doorstep. 

The box wasn’t that heavy, and one average person should be able to move it with little effort.

What's Included?

The Sunny Health & Fitness Stepper SF-1115 came with 8 screws, 8 washers and 8 nuts required for assembly along with two wrenches pictured below.

You’ll also get the base, handle bar and computer monitor for the Sunny Health & Fitness Stepper SF-1115. 

Lastly, the Sunny Health & Fitness Stepper SF-1115 includes an instruction manual which is very easy to follow and is very detailed. 

Click here to download the Sunny Health & Fitness Stepper SF-1115 User Manual: SF1115 Instructions


Of all the machines I’ve setup over the years, the Sunny Health & Fitness Stepper SF-1115 has to be one of the easiest to assemble. It took about 15 minutes, which includes unpacking.

On the Sunny Health & Fitness Stepper SF-1115, there are 3 main parts you have to focus on.

  1. Attaching the foot to the hydraulic poles.
  2. Attach the handle bars
  3. Install the computer monitor

Of course, don’t forget the safety pin!  

Design & Craftsmanship Quality

For the price range, I am really impressed with the quality. The Sunny Health & Fitness Climber Stepper SF-1115 is sturdy if placed on flat solid ground. Since the Sunny Health & Fitness Climber Stepper SF-1115 isn’t that heavy, there may be a bit of rocking if not properly used.

The material is solid, from the metal, foam grip handles to the hard plastic non-slip foot pedals. 

The one thing to look out for is the computer digital monitor. Again, going back to the price point, you can’t expect much except for basic step counts. I have read some complaints regarding the computer monitor being inaccurate. My personal experience is that the computer will count more accurately if you are within a rhythmic stride AND each step count is for 2-3 steps. For example, Left-right step may count as 1 and not 2. (see the YouTube video for more details.)

The Sunny Health & Fitness Climber Stepper SF-1115 is rated up to individuals who are 220 pounds. While I think this machine will support up to that weight, it does not take into consideration the heights of individuals. You are able to take nice strides on each step, but for anyone that is taller than 6’4 may have a different experience. If there was a way to extend each step, would be a nice improvement.  

Lastly, it’s easily foldable and very slim and lightweight.

Time duration

Step count



The Sunny Health & Fitness Climber Stepper SF-1115 has a decent hydraulic resistance system.  It’s easily adjustable and provides more than enough challenge.

The Sunny Health & Fitness Climber Stepper SF-1115 will help work your core and cardio simultaneously.  Like any step climber, each step will target your gluteus maximus, hamstrings, quads and core muscle groups at the same time. This will give you cardio and muscle toning workout you desire. The best part is this machine will help maximize your time offering 12 resistance levels.

Checkout the Video Review:

Final Thoughts

The Sunny Health & Fitness Climber Stepper SF-1115 was an excellent purchase. It’s very compact, making it easy to move and put away. It’s a good machine to have if space is an issue since it doesn’t take up a lot of space when setup.

The Sunny Health & Fitness Climber Stepper SF-1115 will provide enough challenge in the shortest amount of time. I was able to finish a tough work out within 15 minutes and it felt like I’ve been working out for an hour.

If you’re looking for an affordable AND quality stepping machine, the Sunny Health & Fitness Climber Stepper SF-1115 is highly recommended!


Highly Recommended

For your entertainment while working out, I would recommend a cellphone holder (BOVON Bike Phone Mount) such as the one shown below. It has kept me going on the stepper much longer as I try to finish up my movie. 

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