Top Massage Chair Brands in 2020

Get a quality massage from a quality brand!

If you’re coming across this article, that means you must be looking for a massage chair and want to know what the top brands are.

There are many different brands to consider and many new ones that have entered the market. To help navigate and clear up any confusion, this article will list some of the top massage chair brands out there today. 

When we say the “Best”, this is purely subjective, because everyone will think their products are the best. Therefore, the listing will be in no ranking order. This will be our short list of massage chair brands that are reputable and recognized by those in the market as a quality brand. 

We’ll also throw in a few honorable mentions to broaden the list and help you find a massage chair that will fit your needs!

What are the criteria used for this list?

Overall Customer Satisfaction

Reputable brands will likely have many customer feedbacks on their chairs. The brands selected are based on the general consensus online. 

Years Company has been in Business

The massage chair business is definitely for the faint of heart. Any company that has been around for more than 5 years are considered a success. The brands that make it on our list has been around for many years and have established themselves as top players in the industry. They have gotten the business down to the tee and know what it takes to satisfy their customers (or that’s the hope). The warranty the company offers is also a way to gauge the confidence they have in their products. 

Where the massage chair is made

This is a tricky one, as it deserves different answers. There are three ways to look at this to understand why its important.

  • Where the chair is assembled?
  • Where the chair is engineered and designed?
  • Where are the parts made from?

100% Made in China – Many companies will either design, engineer and build their chairs in China. When this is the case, the old school expectation is that the quality and durability will suffer. There is an exception to this rule, as majority of massage chairs sold in the US, are made in China. Many Japanese companies have moved their manufacturing to China and brought along their technology advancements and quality controls. That is why its important to pay attention to the brand that has heavy distribution to consumers for many years. The factory in which the massage chair is sourced is more important than the country its from. There are about two to three main factories in China that are recognized to be top notch factories.  

Joint approach, where companies are likely to adopt one of the following approach  

  • Limit their non-critical components to be handled by China, leaving their designs, engineering and quality control in Japan, Taiwan and/or US. 
  • Fully assembled in their respective countries that are known to have high quality control and outstanding engineering and designs.

Top Massage Chair Brands in 2020

(In no particular order)

Osaki has established itself as one of the premier massage chair brands. With different lines of product including Osaki Pro, Titan Apex and Osaki JP, its a sign that they’ve been around the block for awhile and we personally love their chairs. They offer quality service, with 3 years warranty and some of the best massage chairs in the market today. Their chairs are made 100% in China but with one of the highly regarded factories and distributed out of Carrollton, Texas. Osaki offers great massage chairs with the latest technology at a more affordable costs compared to other higher end chairs.

Popular Osaki Massage Chairs

Other Brands Owned by Osaki

Titan Apex is manufactured by the same company that creates the Osaki massage chairs. For this reason, they are listed. They do received decent reviews and are also very popular. 

Luraco is considered a premium brand and has been around since 2005. With their high quality design, they are engineered and their critical parts are sourced from the US. They are recognized to be researched, developed and made in the United States (with some non-critical parts imported). Their headquarters are based out of Texas and even have designed for U.S. military and industrial applications. Without a doubt, they are built with the latest advanced techology. Luraco also offers a 3 year warranty for their chairs.

Human Touch massage chairs have been in the industry for over 40 years. All of ther engineering and quality controls are taken place at their US California headquarters. They are definitely one of the higher end brands and reasonably more pricier massage chair brands. Depending on the model, Human Touch offers 3 to 5 year limited warranty.

Popular Human Touch Massage Chairs

Infiniti massage chairs are one of the more popular chairs in the market. They are based out of Seabrook, New Hampshire and was founded in 2004. Their massage chairs are manufactured in China, but majority of their assembly and quality control take place in the United States. The Infinity massage chairs are also backed with a 3 year warranty.

Popular Infinity Massage Chairs

Kahuna is based out of Cypress, California and has been around since 1997. Their chairs are made in China and has many popular massage chair models. With their 1 year warranty, it’ll cover for parts and labor for any defective chairs with no extra charge. IMO the Kahuna would be in a similar tier as the Osaki chairs in terms of quality. They are also endorsed by celebrities such as Martha Stewart and Whoopi Goldberg. 

Inada has been in business since 1962, and main factory is based out of Japan. With that being said, it’s a Japanese made chair. They offer a 3 year warranty and has one of the best selection of massage chairs in the market today. Most of their chairs have high ratings from verified buyers online and they are built with the latest innovative technology today.


As promised, here’s a list of other massage chair brands that deserve recognition for their excellent products.

Cozzia massage chairs are designed and engineered in Japan, but all parts and manufacturing occur in China. They are considered a value brand, but produces quality chairs at a surprisingly high value and are competitive against much more expensive chairs. Here are three of their most popular chairs.

Medical Break Through are based out of California. They offer impressive massage chairs and have been around since 2016. Their massage chairs are backed by professional medical experts who recommends them. On their website, they have a list of doctors, chiropractors and pain specialists who helped design their massage chairs. While they do offer a solid list of massage chairs, they are priced a bit more than the other massage chairs with similiar features. For instance, their Breakthrough 4 is without 3D massage, and it’s priced over $3,500 at the time of this review. You’re likely paying more for their research and innovative designs. 

Final Words

All of these chairs are great, but they’ll all have their own pros and cons just like anything else. If you’re looking for a top massage chair, you can’t go wrong with any of these. Hope this helps you with your next massage chair!

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