IFit Screen Loop on Treadmill #ifit

The screen keeps restarting and won't stop!

This morning I had discovered my Nordiatrack x11i Incline Trainer iFit application keeps rebooting and stuck in an IFit Screen Loop. #ifit

If you are also experiencing this, it’s likely that the iFit application attempted to download and install it’s latest patch updates and has problems doing so. The treadmill iFit program will not stop and keep rebooting.

There are three things that could be done to quickly address this before reaching out to customer service, which they are likely to charge a fee to resolve.

Note: I was successful when applying these steps to the Nordiatrack x11i Incline Trainer Treadmill. This may or may not work with other treadmills, since it’s related to the iFit app and not the treadmill, this fix should work regardless as long as the the treadmill is running the ifit app.

IFit Screen Loop Common Problem

Since posting this article, we have had many visitors and some have even replied in the comments section. I wanted to take the time out and thank everyone for helping out and even asking questions because this helps grow our community. Hopefully this article is helping you out in some way. Or feel free to leave a comment with a solution that wasn’t listed here knowing it’ll benefit someone else. Thanks and happy reading! #ifit

3 Solutions You Can Try Before Contacting Customer Service

Power Off/Power On or Restart the Machine

Solution #1 – First try the Power Off/Power On Method on the Machine You’re Using (Treadmill etc.,)

Power Off/Power On

  1. Power off your treadmill
  2. Unplug the power cord and wait a few seconds
  3. Make sure the safety key is in
  4. Plug the power cord back into the outlet
  5. Power back on the treadmill
  6. Wait to see if the IFit Application stops looping or restarting.

If that old school trick doesn’t work, move onto Solution #2.

iFit Application Still Restarting and stuck in the IFit Screen Loop

Solution #2 – You can try to clear the iFit Application Cache

  1. Once the gear icon appears on the screen, immediately tap on it to get to the menu screen
  2. Next select Applications

IFit Screen Loop

3. Make sure the “Unknown sources” checkbox is marked and choose Manage applications.

IFit Screen Loop

4. Select the iFit app (not keyboard), as shown below.

IFit Screen Loop

5. On the next screen, you can slect Clear Cache 

IFit Screen Loop

6. The update will start if there are any updates pending. Otherwise, the iFit application will start up after you exit the menu as normal.

IFit Screen Loop

7. Or if your iFit is being updated, and and the iFit app on the treadmill will no longer reboot and load as expected.

IFit Screen Loop

IFit Screen Loop

Solution #3 – Try reinstalling the iFit Application if the IFit Screen Loop is still happening

Repeat from step 5, and uninstall the app by following the menu screen (clear cache).

Then locate the world icon to access the Internet browser. Then enter ifit.io/2188a, then tap GO to start the download.

IFit Screen Loop

Next, from the top of the screen to open the Android notification window by swiping down.  When the download is complete, tap on the latest.apk.

IFit Screen Loop

The app should restart and clean out any old files and also update which can take a few minutes.

IFit Screen Loop

If All Fails - Contact Customer Service

If none of the steps above work, it’s likely something more serious and you may need to speak to the iFit customer service.  #ifit

HOWEVER, feel free to look through the comments section below. Over time, many visitors like yourself have went through the pain and some came up with solution that was not listed here. Maybe drop a comment and someone will reply!

Thanks for stopping by and hope this helps!

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  1. Michy

    I have tried every fix even the one you have suggest – I continually get a loading machine information failed message HELP! I don’t want to wait months for a resolution IF there is one

  2. Trent Tuttle

    I have an i9 trainer. I was able to download the app but when it went to install the files to the machine it said failed.

  3. Nagy Bahnan

    I can’t find my problem anywhere online. In Application Assets Update screen, it says no workout found, and restart the process again in 60 seconds to do the same over and over. Wifi connection is working, I even used a hotspot from my phone to make sure it’s not the wifi, I checked time zone, date and time, they are all correct. Yet, I can’t solve this issue!

  4. Shadlyn

    Ran into a large update that wouldn’t finish, kept going to black screen and locking up and when I’d restart the machine it started over. The solution to this particular issue? Stand there and tap the touch screen every 5 seconds or so to prevent it from going into sleep mode. Not impressed.

  5. Karen B

    My ifit comes up to the blue iFit logo screen when I cycle the power, but after some time (more than 5 minutes) it goes to the Linux “Tux” image in the upper left corner. I’ve tried breaking the boot to get to the management screen, but nothing is working. I fear my treadmill is useless now. Anyone have any thoughts?

  6. MT

    Great breakdown of possible fixes. Unfortunately followed the ICON support directions to delete the iFit app and then was unable to re-install due to misleading “SD card not detected” error. Turns out even with an SD card inserted, error still appears. Astonishingly, after 3 months of back and forth, ICON support actually sent an new console assembly. Installed and fixed. Here is their email: iFit Support

  7. Eric

    Solution #3 worked for my Commercial 1750 last night. bought it used back in March 2020, approx 3 years old.

  8. Kara

    My treadmill window says App keeps stopping. Screen says retry at the bottom. I tried the router reset but nothing changed. I can’t get to the other screen to uninstall software because it won’t go beyond this step. Please help.

    1. Shari

      Did you ever find a solution? That’s happening to me now

  9. Nickie J

    I had to download the software but I’m up and running. You’re instructions were spot on! X11i model. 🙏 thank you.

    1. thatguyr

      No problem! glad it worked!

      1. Amber Burke

        My Nordic track c700 is stuck on loading workout, any idea how to fix?

        1. thatguyr

          You can try to reboot, and if that fails try to reinstall it.

  10. Nickie J

    Thank you. I had to download the software but I’m up and running. You’re instructions were spot on! X11i model.

  11. MaSue

    Yay! Saved us. I did the uninstall and download. I thought it had failed after the download but I had to select the file and then choose “Install.” Might seems obvious to some but to the tech challenged it’s not. Thank you so much for putting this out there!

    1. thatguyr

      No problem! Glad it helped!

  12. tk

    issue fixed. thank you so much for the instructions. it took me the three attempts for my C1950

    1. thatguyr

      Glad it worked out!

  13. Chris

    I am able to download the fix but when I install it is unable. I have a notification low storage, but I never put an SD card in the machine and I really don’t use it the treadmill to track anything so there is no way I should have low storage. But I keep getting in loop, it tries to download new firmware but stops because of low space. Eventually after turning off and on multiple times I can eventually get the machine on. Do I need to factory reset?

    1. thatguyr

      Hmm…I wonder if the update is much larger than what your machine is capable of supporting. If you have nothing to lose, you can try resetting it or getting a new SD. Just a thought, lets see if anyone else have any inputs.

  14. Medadvicees

    will the nordictrack commercial 1750 work as a basic treadmill without the ifit part? supposedly, the treadmill itself is pretty good. someone has a used one for sale; I wonder if they re having fits with the ifit?

  15. timwalker

    and then with Murphy’s law it has finally started to do something, fingers crossed…………………….yes .

  16. timwalker

    tried the reboot 2188a no luck – is there a later version?

  17. SalPal

    Our Nordictrack Commercial 1750 would go into an infinite loading after connecting to Wifi. Rise Broadband was unable to configure their router to not block certain ports and or firewalls to allow the treadmill to connect. We bought a router from Walmart, a Linksys AC1750 MU-MIMO Gigabit router. After a short call to Rise for them authenicate the router, the treadmill was able to connect without any special configuration

  18. Jay Kidwell

    Thanks. I had a “secure connection” issue which would not allow the download to happen but I had used an earlier patch URL. The patch URL: ifit.io/2188a allowed the download of the Ifit software to happen.

  19. Bob

    It worked perfectly !!!! I have a NordiTrack C990 treadmill and it was stuck in a loop after updating the software. After completing step 7 from above, it finished updating and went back working again. Thanks so much for the help !!!

  20. Mr. Wiggles

    Thanks for the problem solving on this. Mine was on this update cycle that would not stop. I only had a few seconds to do each step before it rebooted. But I got it done. Thanks again

  21. Candace Smith

    I also get the error: “process. ifit android.media has stopped and issue of sd card not available (grayed out). How can I fix this?

    1. Josh B

      I’m getting the sd card issue also, do we need to replace the card or what’s up?

      1. J&T

        Same issue here. Followed all of the recommended steps for stopping the loop…made sure it was http and not secure but then, issues with the SD card. Opened it up per instructions to take SD card out and re-enter but the SD card slot is empty. Stuck at this point, we literally can’t use a treadmill because of an SD card error – was tech better in 1980?

      2. Dan G

        Just got off the phone with an IFit technician who was about to sell me the console reinstallation sd card for “only” $130 delivered. When I explained that my console would not download the apk file due to the SD memory shortage issue, he informed me that I would need to purchase a new console; however they do not make them any longer so I could check eBay. All this happened after an update that THEY pushed through. My machine has the mount SD card menu option greyed out (which I understand is because the SD card that comes with the machine is more of a software thing). He also politely informed me that 5 to 7 years is the “normal” life expectancy of a treadmill, and the fact that mine made it 7 years is pretty good. All I can say is beware of this company (iFit, Nordic Track, Free Motion, etc). Fool me once, shame on you. Not gong to fool me twice. At least the technician didn’t take my $130.

  22. KC

    I can’t believe this junky app is out there ruining everyone’s treadmills! It’s actually causing my touch screen to not respond so I can’t even apply this fix which I’m sure would work…

    1. isabela

      It is the worst application ever and the worst support ever

    2. Kevin

      The iFit download completely crashed our console (completely blank screen). Any suggestions very much appreciated.

  23. CARYL

    We have followed the steps above but when we entered ifit.io/2188a, we get a message that says “An SD card is required to download….”

    We haven’t touched anything inside the console-
    Is there way to bypass this message or have the machine recognize the SD card?

    1. Wendall

      I have the same issue. Nothing seems to work, all because of an SD card? I hate Nordictrack from the depths of my soul.

      1. Dan who can not run

        Ditto.\..let me know if you found any success to revive your treadmill.very wasteful to throw it all away because nordictrack is not helpful with easy electronic fix’s

  24. Antonio

    I have the fs7i with the same problem ,I try to download and the message error is “Data Connetion Problem”
    Can I find the software and download in the console through the USB port?

  25. Khaled

    Thanks Man! Was frustrated until found this site. I just cleared the cache and everything works now.

  26. Tad

    Fixed it. Thank you. Had to go all the way to reinstalling and the iFit is back operational. As on 3/26/20, the ifit.io/2188a URL is operational.

    1. Kim

      Thanks, Tad. This was the intel I needed to get the new app downloaded. Saved the day!

    2. Dan who can’t run

      It says I need an Sd card to download 2.18.8.apk.is there a workaround? USB perhaps? Why can’t you load from usb on outside of console/
      My sd card that works on other devices will not work on this one.
      Not sure why nordicktrack is of no help without a $130 Sd Card that may/may not work and a 159 service trip that may/may not work. Rip off.
      Sounds like intentional software sabatogue to me.
      Lots of people having issues with ifit software.

      Stop buying nordictrack products.

  27. Tom

    When trying to get the download, I receive an error message A secure connection could not be established, yet I am able to search the web. Help

    1. Jay Kidwell

      Have you tried the patch URL : ifit.io/2188a? I had the same problem but I used the patch and it finally allowed the download to happen.

  28. JD

    Your fix worked perfectly for my FS7i. Thanks for putting this out there!

    1. thatguyr


  29. Mike

    Thanks for your help! I ended up having to do the uninstall/reinstall but is all is good now!

    Appreciate the guidance.


    1. thatguyr

      glad it worked!

  30. Eric B

    I have a norditrack commercial 2450, the Bluetooth module appears ghosted out and not selectable. I tried to factory reset, reinstalling the software and noticed the the the widgets did not come back up nor is the Bluetooth option Selectable. And ideas?

  31. Radek

    Great post! It helped me to solve this exact issue! Now, I have a question for you guys – I’m not particularly impressed with the iFit app and the value (cost for what it provides). Are there any other alternative apps we can load onto x11i to maximize its potential? Thanks again for your help!


  32. Jess

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    I’ve looked everywhere for help and this solved my problems. This address, ifit.io/2188a, is what saved me!

  33. Jim Ducharme

    I have done this process before (back in October) and it worked great. Now it appears another software update came along (I should have turned off automatic updates) and created my “font” problem I had again and now I try to recover using the same procedure and I too am getting stuck at the “downloading new application” and it stays at 0%. I’m seeing other problems with the android OS where I keep getting the error: “process.android.media has stopped…” – I have cleared a lot of the cache’s but I cannot re-download the recovery application any longer. It is still on my treadmill from the last time so I just ran it again but I have a feeling it’s having some error in trying to download and I just can’t see it… Any hints?

  34. Jeff

    I have the same problem as Erica. I am able to download the new application, I start the upgrade and is gets stuck at “downloading new application”. Stays at 0%, I’ve even left it for several hours.

  35. Erica

    I get through the whole recovery process and download the new application and it will not progress. Just stays at 0% forever. I confirmed I am connected to WiFi. I can’t find any info on this issue and how to resolve. Help!?

  36. Ryan

    Thank you! This fixed my issue.

  37. Chuck Jones

    Thank you sooo much for helping me reset everything on my looping treadmill screen. (Was that a November software update error?) After an hour’s worth of frustration (i.e., finding The Nordic Track site to be useless and inadvertently employing obsolete information from old videos that look current and fuming about incomplete directions) I followed your clear, concise, step-by-step instructions and solved the problem in about 10 minutes (the download took 5). You made my day!!!

  38. pramathesh zamindar

    i have a Fs7i free strider, am stuck on the ifit blue screen tried reinstalling ifit through the net but every time i tried accessing their site it stopped the connection saying “data connectivity problem” “a secure connection could not be established” although i can access google home page and all the other sites. how ever i have opened the console and tried installing the apk through the microsd card but nothing happens, it starts with a initial message saying performing factory install for ELNT71313 (SOFTWARE PART NUMBER 356432) but then returns to the ifit blue screen. I live in india, where there is no service support of nordic. kindly help.


    Hi, I download many times. Turned the machine off and on.
    My thread mill will have a 100% download complete but the application assets update window not show and will not load. It’ll just go back to the light blue screen.

  40. ron

    Thank you, it solved by problem by reloading the software. Very helpful!

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