Troy-Bilt STORM 2410 Snow Blower REVIEW

Troy-Bilt STORM 2410 Product Review

The Troy-Bilt STORM 2410 2-Stage Electric Snow Blower is a GREAT snow blower. Below is the FULL REVIEW!

Manufacturer Description

When the forecast calls for up to a foot of snow, The Troy-Bilt STORM 2410 2-Stage Electric Start Snow Blower with 13 in. x 4 in. X-Trac tires and 24 in. clearing path will cut into large drifts with its 21 in. intake height and serrated steel augers. Self-propelled all-wheel drive with choice of 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds, giving you control and versatility in winter conditions. Plus, the remote chute control allows you to adjust the chute direction from the operator area. Powered by a reliable 208cc Troy-Bilt OHV 4-cycle engine with pushbutton electric start. Top Rated by a Leading Publication.

  • 24 in. clearing width with 12 in. serrated steel augers helps break up ice and snow for easier removal
  • Troy-Bilt certified 208 cc OHV engine
  • Push-button electric start eliminates pull-starting a cold engine
  • Crank chute control with 180° rotation allows you to adjust the direction of snow discharge, so its thrown where you want it
  • Self-propelled drive with choice of 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds
  • 13 in. x 4 in. X-trac tires offer traction and easier steering over snowy areas
  • High impact, adjustable polymer skid shoes help protect surfaces from scuffing
  • Reinforced steel housing provides durability and ruggedness for years of use
  • 2-year limited warranty
  • Snow cab offers additional safety against harsh weather and the snow thrower cover protects your equipment when not in use (each sold separately)

My Review

I manage to pick up the Troy Bilt Storm 2410 snowblower from Home Depot the other day for $399 (Black Friday sale) – retails for $599. I had great success through several winters now and it’s been a great investment.

One thing to keep in mind is that this Troy Bilt Storm 2410 snowblower is a Stage 2 with a decent size engine, so it’s pretty heavy. It would require two people to safely carry and load the snowblower onto your vehicle.

For extremely code weather, the recommended Synthetic OW-30 oil for temperatures below 0 degrees. If you run into any trouble starting, the electric starter does wonders. A standard indoor/outdoor power cord connected to a wall outlet is all that’s needed. Just make sure all the settings are at it’s original position before starting it.

Snow thrower oil chart.

Picking up and Loading Advice

The Troy Bilt Storm 2410 snowblower weighs about 185 pounds, though some on the Internet may suggest 195lbs, so between 180-195lbs. The weight is primarily from the engine itself. I would suggest using a pickup truck or mini-van and if you are alone, using a ramp or get 2 strong 4×4 acting as a ramp to load the snowblower onto your vehicle.

Shipping Box Dimensions: 48.25″(L) x 26.75″(W) x 32.5″(H)

Troy Bilt snow blower off the van.

It is packaged pretty well with a wooden frame around the snowblower to prevent and damage during transport.

Inside the Troy-Bilt Snow blower box.


There wasn’t much to it, and fairly easy to assemble. The chute, the two handles that moves the snowblower, and the chute controller were the only parts that required assembly. All you need is a ratchet wrench to do the job. Takes about 15-30 minutes top.

A quick look at Troy-Bilt snow blower.A side view of the Troy-Bilt snow blower.

Gas & Oil

The Troy-Bilt Storm 2410 already comes with oil in the tank. However, I have read that some do not, so you may want to double check. Manufacturer recommends using 5W30 Oil and 87 Octane Fuel (Regular gas).

Fuel Stabilizer

I would throw in Fuel Stablizer if I had to store the fuel for more than 30 days, old fuel is ineffective, burns less efficient and become waterlogged. This can result in damaging and clogging your engine. With Fuel Stabilizer, prevents oxidation and helps start the engine by burning the fuel.

You also have to remember fuel stabilizers have a shelf life of 12-15 months. Some people will mix with the fuel stabilizer because draining the fuel could result in rusting. General rule of thumb is to fill up just enough so you are not dealing with this issue.


The wheels on the Troy-Bilt 2410 snow blower enabled for easy maneuvering. We had no trouble moving it around, and it’s also self-propelling which makes it that much easier. It offers both forward and reverse gears which is helpful if operating on a hill and the machine is 180lbs.


The Troy-Bilt 2410 snow blower is quite big and may not be suited for anyone that does not have the space for it. Most stage 1 machines are a bit smaller, at the same time will not have the same kind of power. Either way, this machine will require space so make sure you have it.

Fully assembled dimensions: 49 inches (Length) x 33 inches (Height) x 25 inches (Width)

The Performance!

Overall, I am happy with the Troy-Bilt 2410 snow blower machine. We received some snow (2/20/19) and I was able to clear 5-6″ of snow in a 60 foot driveway in under 15 minutes. This would have taken me easily an hour if I was shoveling. The chute was fairly easy to use as well. Before owning this machine, I underestimated the benefit of having the crank bar. When it’s freezing out and you just want to be in and out, the crank bar helps speed this up! Either way, very solid purchase!

To read more about the Troy-Bilt Storm 2410, click here.

Download the Troy Bilt 2410 – Operator Manual

The Troy-bilt at work. The snow blower on the first run. After the snow thrower, add salt and it clears the driveway.

Frequently purchased for this Snowblower

No spill container good for oil refills.A great fuel stabilizer for snow throwers.Great oil for snow blowers.After the winter, you'll need a cover for your snow thrower.

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